Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#Legends take over MA

Cabo and Wabo got to meet Sarah and Nicole!!!!
*Backstory of Cabo and Wabo: When Sarah, Nicole and I visited Cabo in early December, I was about 19 or so weeks pregnant. It was epic. We were #legends at the Royal Solaris, drank winnie the poohs and banana sexys, our concierge guy "Jorge" was a hoot, we went on a glass bottom boat and saw THREE WHALES then spent the rest of day on Lover's Beach. Seriously, it couldn't have been more fun. While there, we nicknamed the boys "Cabo" and "Wabo" because of the bars and booze around town. I'm pretty certain the girls wanted them to seriously be named Cabo and Wabo. Haha so needless to say, Nicole had these adorable onesies made and gave them to the boys over the weekend.
Sarah and Nicole are some of the bestest people and bestest friends in the entire world. They are so reliable and supportive, constantly there to listen and lend a helping hand and OF COURSE always around for happy hour or a glass of wine. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without them in California (or in my life in general). They surprised me this past weekend and flew all the way from LA to visit me and meet the boys. I drove the gals down the Cape to show them my house and the entire Phelan Compound. Here are a few shots of us in downtown Hyannis.

And then back at my place. Naturally, these two were amazing with the boys. Conor had a little sleepover in their room, and Caden spent the night in Mommy's room! Haha fun weekend in the Cape and Boston.

I also took them around Hyannis to see Keyes Beach, Craigville Beach, the Kennedy Compound and Squaw Island, as well as some food joints Baxter's Boathouse and Four Seas Ice Cream. Although WAY too short, it was a solid visit. 
When we got back to the city, my two little cannolis enjoyed stopping at the North End. We all met up on Monday and had a fun lunch! Chrissy was even able to visit us while on her lunch break. Mike's Pastry is always a must-see, so we grabbed a few cannolis and iced coffees at a local café. Nicole and I enjoyed the regular cannolis with chocolate chips and Sarah tried the espresso. They were nothing short of fabulous. :)

While in the North End, we also visited the Paul Revere statue and the Old North Church. Sarah loved her mini little tour of "Little Italy". It was quite fitting since she is going back to Italy in Oct!

We lounged out and enjoyed our bottles and cannolis. What a fun day. A HUGE thank you to Sarah and Nicole for visiting the east coast...and a huge thank you to Chrissy and Jimmy for helping out with the logistics. I'm so grateful! :)


August in MA

Conor, Caden and I decided to spend the month of August in Massachusetts visiting both Nana and Gramps Phelan in Cape Cod, and also Grammy and Grampa Callahan in Woburn. My mom recently had a few cortisone shots in her hands, so she had to take 8 weeks off from work. I thought it would be fun to hang out with Grammy while she rested up!

Look at my happy little three month olds!!! This picture was taken on August 6, 2014 in my old bedroom in Woburn. Conor left, Caden right.

And Caden left, Conor right!

We have been in MA now a little over three weeks - splitting our time between Woburn and Cape Cod. A few weeks ago, my mom and I visited Chrissy for lunch in Boston. We went around the Public Garden and the Common. It was such a beautiful day. I even visited the Boston office for my work! I was happy to visit with Milady and walk around the city. Here are a few favs from the day.

DADDY came back to MA and visited with us for the week. Here are the boys hanging in the den watching football.

One of our most favorite things to do is laying out in Grammy and Grampa's backyard. The fresh air is so nice, and we love seeing the trees move and listen to the birds chirp! The doggies are constantly barking, but that's ok because we love them.

Sometimes we even fall asleep!

Since we have been in MA for so long, we have been able to visit with so many friends and family. Here is a picture of our visit with Olivia and Ellie, as well as Patrick and Callie!

Conor, Ellie, Callie and Caden are all just a few days apart. The twins were born 5/6, Callie on 5/11 and Ellie on 5/14. Four babies in eight days. Incredible.

We were even able to meet Shay Shay and Kyle the other day...aka the soon-to-be Neffendorfs. They are getting married in under 6 weeks. The big day is 10/3!! Can't wait. Shay (Callahan) is going to be one stunning bride. :)  I must say - Mr Neffendorf was simply amazing with these kids. Caden wouldn't let him go!

We were also able to meet and hang out with our fav west coast friends Sarah and Nicole all weekend...but that calls for an entirely different blog post. Here's a sneak peek!
Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cape Cod Family Vacation

Our big family vacation this year we decided would be a week at our cottage in the Cape. While Fourth of July is an absolute blast (and our favorite week of the whole year) we decided it would be nice to spend some quality family time down the Cape with our two favorite little boys. I was able to visit with my cousins Jen and Jess, and Jen's two little ones - Callie and Patrick. Here are Jen, Jess and me...with Conor, Callie and Caden!

We visited Little Beach and saw the Condons and the Niessinks. The boys were on their best behavior. The water came up so far we had to move our chairs three times!!! Thank goodness Jimmy made us a moat - otherwise, we would've been drenched.

Daddy and Conor

Mama and her favorite two nuggets!

Happy boys! Loving the Cape Cod "ayah" (air)

When we got back to Woburn, Grammy helped with bathtime! Here is Conor....

....and here's Caden! Right before Mommy and Daddy headed off to Fenway to watch the Red Sox beat the Astros! We sat on the Green Monster, and hung out with Dennis, Luca, Matty, Michael and Jess. What a fun night. THANKS JESSICA!!!!!

We also were able to spend some time with the Bosch's down the Cape - and Conor and Caden were sooooooo happy to hang with Tori!! They are the happiest little boys.

These little guys are the best beach babies. They just played on the beach and then fell right asleep next to each other. They are so sweet.

What a great vacation. We are so fortunate to have our little cottage to visit!!!! :) Can't wait to go back.

Shaz and C-Squared

Conor and Caden are Christened

We drove up from DC on August 1st and the boys were christened at the church we were married at in Woburn. It was such a nice time. Even though we wanted the boys to wear the gowns we were christened in, I wanted them to match. I bought the cutest little matching outfits (with hats and shoes to match!) on amazon.com.

All the guys...

Caden's Godfather, Derek (and my scary Mom)

Mommy and Daddy dressing the boys

Chrissy and Joey during Conor's baptism

Theresa and Derek during Caden's baptism

Proud Mom and Dad :)

The twins, the parents, the grandparents, the godparents and the great grandparents

We went to the Black Horse Tavern in Winchester. What a fantastic meal 

My mom ordered the cake! 

We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day for their christening. It was a private ceremony, so it was a small group of about 15 people - and the boys were the only two who were christened. The luncheon after at the Black Horse Tavern was perfect. I highly recommend having group lunches there! We had great service and the dishes were delicious. Loved it!