Sunday, September 21, 2014

Washington, DC "tourists"!

Good morning from C-Squared!! Grammy is currently hanging with the boys so mommy is able to blog this morning! What a treat. :)

Grammy and I made these fun "cookies" on Friday. What a perfect summer treat - without having to turn on the oven. My mom has been visiting this weekend, so we tried this fun dessert. The best thing besides not having to bake them; is that there are only four ingredients.

1.) 8oz crushed pineapple (well drained)
2.) 8oz soften cream cheese
3.) Crushed pecans
4.) Coconut

Drain the crushed pineapple. 

Then, in a small bowl, beat cream cheese and pineapple until combined then fold in the pecans. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Take out of refrigerator and roll into 1-inch balls; then roll the balls in the coconut. Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.

It has been such a fun weekend in DC with mom. We visited Eastern Market on Friday, because I had to return a few baby items. I also took her on a little tour throughout the city to show her the Newseum, the FBI building, the Monument, the Capitol Bldg, etc. 

Yesterday, we visited the National Cathedral and the National Zoo! My phone died early in the day, so not many pics to share unfortunately.

And every morning we do this.....

Happy Sunday Fun day! :)

Shaz, Conor Caden and Grammy!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Blue Skies and Blue Apron!

Big news!! We have officially eliminated the "dream feed"!! 

While it sadly feels like the end of their newborn era, we have quickly gone from about 6-7 feedings each 24 hour period to a manageable 4-5 feedings each day. And let me tell you, when everything is doubled, saving even just a minute helps.

And not only have we cold-turkey-abruptly-ended the dream feed, the boys also don't wake much in the night (1-3am) at all. Therefore, we've seriously cut back on feedings. They pretty much sleep from 6:30pm-6:30am and we are very grateful. 

We also had our four month appt on Wednesday and received a very healthy report! Conor weighs over 14 lbs and Caden weighs over 12 lbs -- -and both are a little over 24 inches long. They are hitting all their milestones and most importantly, they're happy, happy babies. 

So here is what our typical day looks like:

Wake: 6:30am
Feed: 6:30-7am
Play: 7-8:00am
Nap: 8-9:30am
Wake: 9:30-10am
Feed: 10:00-10:30am
Play: 10:30-1pm
Nap: 1pm-2:30pm
Wake: 2:30-3ish
Feed: 3-3:30pm
Play/walk/errands: 3:30-5pm
Bath (every other night): 5:30pm
Feed (started rice cereal): 6pm
Bed: 6:30-7pm

**A catnap sometimes happens around 4:30-5pm in the stroller and only lasts about 30min. It's nice because it takes "the edge off" them for the rest of the night and they are a little happier. :)

Since the boys are sleeping longer (and better), I am able to do a few more things around the house like laundry and cleaning/picking up and my!! Thanks to Abby, I decided to sign up for blue apron. It's really awesome. They send you a few meals at a time with all the ingredients you need. I just received these three meals - one stuffed peppers, one shrimp and grits and a chicken sandwich dish that I haven't heard of, but excited to try!

How it arrives at my door....

I took everything out of the box. Inside, it had all the ingredients for three meals. And inside those small brown paper bags are the little things like butter/cheese, etc.

I then organized the stuff by which ingredients went with which dish....

I opted to make the shrimp and grits - figured it was a perfect dish for a Friday. Here are my ingredients and the instructions. I loved doing this! Basically someone did all the planning and shopping and I got to do the fun part! Yum!!! 

I started by marinating the shrimp in paprika while I made the grits. I boiled some water, tossed in the grits and stirred frequently for 20 minutes. Once all the water was absorbed, I added cheddar cheese, butter, corn cut directly off the ear, and some salt and pepper to taste.

I then diced up the scallions - and the instructions said to separate the white part from the green part. The white part was to be used with the garlic in olive oil before making the main part of the dish and the green part is to be used mostly as a garnish. I thought that was cool! I always buy a white onion and use it for the same reason - but now I can just use the entire scallion.

I sliced all the corn off the ear, to add to the grits (on the right) when they are done cooking...

I cooked my shrimp in this saute pan first, and then put them off to the side. I then put olive oil in the pan, some of the minced garlic and the whites of the scallions. I let those cook up for about 3 minutes and then added my zucchini, tomatoes, the cooked shrimp, lemon juice/zest, butter and green scallions.

And the final product! Jim and I both loved it. I even emailed the blue apron people and said how good it was!! Haha


Friday, September 5, 2014

FOUR months old!

I wanted to blog about my two little cherubs and their different personalities now that they're four months tomorrow (woah!). Essentially, I wanted a good way to document them as babies, because they are simply growing way too fast. Just yesterday my dad said the boys looked different on FaceTime, and he just saw them a week ago. 

Conor -

My snuggly little boy. Conor has always loved being held and rocked and soothed since we brought him home from the hospital. He loves to eat and has gained good healthy weight. He's such a good baby, so curious and so sweet. When he's tired, he makes sure to let me know by yawning or rubbing his eyes. While he often enjoys being rocked to sleep, he falls asleep so great on his own in a dark room (with his pacifier). When he wakes, I find him in his room "ooh-ing" and "aahh-ing" ever so softly. He loves hearing his voice. What a wonderful little boy - he is so good; he allows me to give Caden the extra little TLC that he needs sometimes (milk allergy and tough napper).

Caden -

My little mover and shaker. He started rolling side to side in MA about 2-3 weeks ago. Then he started rolling to his back when I placed him on his belly. And NOW he is rolling from his back to his belly (typically done at 6 months). He also scoots all around on his belly and loves to explore. Whenever he is held, he loves to be facing outward to see the world. He's definitely my little explorer. And an amazing smile Caden has - literally melts my heart. And he smiles so often, even when you just glance his way. He's full of personality. He "gurgles" when you do it to him first. It's so adorable. He has gained a great amount of weight too (same as Conor) but struggled with the milk allergy around 4-5 weeks. And sometimes, he has a tough time with naps because he doesn't want to miss anything. I think he's just tired from all his adventures!

I sure am the luckiest Mommy!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4 Month Sleep Regression??

Naps. We all want to take them when we are older, but never when we are babies or young children. No matter the circumstance, we can all benefit from more [good, deep] sleep.

I started writing this post while I was still up in MA - and Caden and Conor were waking through the night. Since I was completely clueless as to why they were randomly waking up at midnight, 3am, 6am, etc...I conductive a few internet searches before they see their pediatrician on Sept 10th. I found a bit of information regarding this "4 month sleep regression" thing and quite frankly, it sounded horrible. Conor has been a better sleeper since he was born, mainly (I thought) because he weighed a little more. Conor was also originally a better eater too, since he didn't have the milk allergy - so I summed it all up to be the same thing. In other words, a better eater (chubbier) would in turn sleep better. I still may think this is the case.

Well anyway, Caden was having a very hard time going to sleep in MA, and it was a vicious cycle. The more tired he was, the harder it was for him to fall asleep, both for naps and for the night - YET he couldn't fall asleep because he was overtired. So basically he needed the sleep, but he couldn't sleep because he needed the sleep??? Huh???? I was so darn sleep deprived at that point, I was a complete disaster.

Here are my little cherubs fast asleep - makes me happy they are so content.

Prior to this new disastrous schedule, the boys went down to sleep from 6pm-6am and at 9:30pm we did what's called a "dream feed". Typically this buys mom and dad a few extra hours of sleep in the morning since they go down so early. It has been working wonderfully since they were about 6 weeks old. However, when we were in MA, Caden started waking at 2am or 3am and I figured it was because he was started to roll over as he has been super active during the day. Developmental growth spurt maybe?? Conor was still waking at his regular time in the morning, so just doing one middle of the night feeding wasn't too bad. Then all of a sudden Caden was doing a midnight wake up AND a 3am wake up. Then Conor started waking mid-night as well. And it appeared Caden wasn't super hungry, but Conor was waking to eat. In short, something was definitely up with Caden. I had a slight inclination that it had to do with his lack of sleep/lack of naps. He wasn't taking enough naps during the day, and if he did nap - it isn't long enough. Tired baby/tired mommy. He also woke Conor tired two babies/wicked tired mommy.

To remedy this, I have been following a much more diligent napping schedule. I found this 4 month sample schedule and think it's been working wonders so far. Boys are back sleeping 6p-6a with the dream feed right before Jimbo and I go to sleep. Happy Momma. I will take it!!!!! :)


PS Flashback photo!! It's been a while since I've done this! My 21st bday in Boston with Chrissy, and my cousins Jessie and Jen! #Callahans :)