Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Successful First Christmas - 2014

What a fun Christmas we all had

We hit the ground running as soon as we ventured up to Massachusetts and visited with TONS of our "extra cousins". Here's a picture of all the Hancock great-grand babies (Conor and Caden are in blue!).  And below that, is a picture of the four Phelan great-grand babies...with more on the way! The boys were rock stars and had a blast visiting with our extended families in Massachusetts. 

Then of course, Conor and Caden spent time with Mommy and Daddy in Woburn for a few days before heading down to Cape Cod. Grammy and Grampa loved having Conor and Caden at their house...although I bet it's much quieter now that we have left. ;) 

And here are some quick shots from Christmas morning. Mommy is with Conor rockin some sunnies and Daddy with Caden checking out the ceiling fan. :)

After we spent a few days in Woburn, we drove down to the Cape to see Nana, Gramps, Auntie Theresa and Uncle Joe for the three days before Christmas. Here are all of our family jackets hanging up in our Cape house. I thought this shot was cool - it really shows our fun family of four. Sometimes even I still can't believe we have two kids, and I am with them almost everyday.

We paid a visit to Home Depot. It wouldn't be a trip to MA if we didn't stop by Home Depot. ;) We picked up some things to make a new shed in our backyard. We are going to need the space for all these Christmas presents!

While in MA, we went on several walks - one of our favorite past-times. My parents bought this stroller to keep at their house, so when we have our entire car packed with baby things, we don't need to pack our stroller and take up space! 

Kelly and her Mom Paula came to visit the boys the day after Christmas. Auntie Chrissy and Auntie Lindsey babysat while Mommy and Daddy visited with some friends. Hi everyone!! Thanks for visiting!

Auntie Chrissy and Auntie Lindsey brought us back Christmas presents from London and Paris!! WOW!

What a fun trip home. We also fortunately had a great drive back to DC on Sunday morning. The boys, again, did amazing. We are so proud of them for doing so great on the long ride back to DC.

A huge thank you to EVERYONE for all the visits and babysitting and presents we received this year. We are so super thankful and couldn't be more blessed. Here is to an awfully exciting 2015...can't wait to see what's ahead!! ;)


Flashback photo of Jimbo and I during the ExxonMobil Christmas party 2008 (in DC!).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gearing up for Christmas!! YAY!

I don't think I could love these two little creatures anymore than I already do. They are so sweet and adorable and they are MINE. :) They are really starting to interact and play with each other - and often talk to each other. Over Thanksgiving, Conor started babbling and now Caden has started doing it. I hear them saying "MA MA MA MA" and while I realize they are not associating me with "Mama", I pretend in my head that they are talking directly to me. :)

Here are some tasks we are currently working on - sitting up on our own and holding our own bottles. 

We have progressed nicely over the last week alone with sitting independently, but we still sometimes topple over and slam our little heads on the ground. Nobody likes that. It works best when we have something to keep us distracted like this choo choo at Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dennis' house. We loved watching the train go around their Christmas tree!!

And we are also learning quickly to hold the bottle. We do best when we first wake in the morning - maybe it's because we are really hungry and really determined. As the day goes on, we get a little tired, and we aren't as focused. It's okay...we will get there. But I feel like once we tackle these two things, we will be much more independent little boys (sad day for Mama).

The boys are so sweet and cuddly. They spent the weekend cuddling and playing with Daddy since he was traveling all last week. We are also on a new schedule where we wake and have a bottle, two hours later have a snack, and then go down for a nap shortly thereafter (on our own, in the crib...no more rocking!!! YAY!). Then we continue this pattern throughout the day. We will soon condense to two naps per day, but maybe when we wake up a little later than 5:30AM. ;)

And we've spent some serious time outside this week because it's been in the mid 50's down here in DC. Let's soak it all up while we can before we head up to Massachusetts for Christmas! Can't wait to see everyone and watch Conor and Caden enjoy their first Christmas!!! 

Happy boys loving their Cape Cod sweatshirts...see ya in a week or so CAPE COD!

Shaz, Conor and Caden

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Grampa and his boys!

How did I forget to add this snowy collage on my Thanksgiving post last time?!?
These two cherubs light up my life. It is SO fun and rewarding to see them experience new things and meet new people. Here they are enjoying their first snow fall. We had them laying on the picnic table and the snowflakes were falling on their little faces. It was so cute. They had a ball!

My mom and I bought these little button up hooded-sweatshirts over the summer when they couldn't have been more than 2 1/2 or 3 months old. These seemed SO huge and I didn't think they would ever fit them, but here they are, they fit great. We bought them at Dawn Price Baby in Eastern Market in DC. It's a nice store. Apparently the owner has twins, so they offer 10% off if you buy two of the same item!

Grampa has been here visiting us this week because Daddy is traveling for work. We have had so much fun!! We visited the US Capitol, the National Mall and Mount Vernon. It has been a little cold and rainy, but we made it through.

It was all decorated for Christmas!

Grampa has been such a big help. Not only has he kept me company at night when the boys go to sleep, but he has also helped entertain the boys, he filled up my gas tank (yay!) and he has helped with bath/bedtime each night. What a great Grampa. Thank you, we love you!!

All for now,
P.S. They are growing so fast. Conor just got his learner's permit.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap & December in DC!

I wanted to check in and talk about what a wonderful first Thanksgiving the boys, Jim and I had in Massachusetts. We were quite tired from all the traveling, but it was real nice spending some quality time back home.

We started our long drive up north on Tuesday, November 25th by picking Jimbo up from work and heading straight up to MA. We arrived around midnight and woke up my parents, Zeta and Peanut out of a dead sleep, I'm sure. As my sister always says, we came in like a hurricane. It was mayhem. Bringing in baby gear, jumpers, suitcases, coolers...you name it. I am sure my parents loved seeing the boys, because they were so so sweet when we arrived and half asleep. We then spent the day Wednesday baking and playing while Jim worked from home. It was a nice day. My friend Katie P came by and visited with the boys before she went to work.

And Lindsey's sister Kelly came over for a play date with Conor and Caden! So many visitors!!

We eventually made it down to Cape Cod the day after Thanksgiving. Before arriving, we made a stop at the Bosch's to see John, Suz and Tori. It was a fun day. We made homemade pizzas and had some wine.....at like 1oclock. It was fantastic! Can't wait to see the Bosch clan again over Christmas.

When we arrived in Cape Cod, we were able to set up quickly from when we visited a month or two prior. Typically we have two twin beds in the second bedroom (for renters) and need to break them down to set up the pack n plays. Needless to say, this trip was a breeze! And it's ready for us during Christmas too...yay!

We even had some time to try on our snow suits and venture outside to make some snow angels.  Sleepyhead Conor was still napping, so Cay got some special Momma/Caden time outside! :):):)

This is how we spend our time outdoors now that it is chilly! They still love it though, I feel like they love the noises, the smells and the outdoor "feel".

Lastly, Auntie Cookie (Chrissy) made these adorable collages! Which one do you like better???


All for now,