Monday, March 23, 2015

Visitors, visitors, visitors!

We were so lucky to have TWO visitors this weekend!

Auntie Theresa came to visit Thursday and Friday - and she watched the boys while I went to work on Friday. It was soooo helpful and the boys loved having her here. We went for a walk down by the Potomac and then went to the Port City Brewery for a few tasting flights...the boys did awesome! It was a fun night.

Keryn and her doggie Prim came to visit Friday night....Saturday we had a few friends over and went to brunch in Old Town. The boys again, loved having them. Caden thought Prim was HILARIOUS! He couldn't get enough.

And a couple of favs to make your Monday a bit brighter!  Happiest boys...and Conor has his learners permit!

Shaz, Conor, Caden