Thursday, April 23, 2015

Days Around the House...

Bathtime. Is there really any happier or cuter time of day?? I don't think so. The boys love taking a bath and it's a relaxing down time for Jimbo and I, too.  Look how happy they are!! They love it!


On Tuesday, we bought ourselves some brand new Elmo's for our first birthday in a few weeks. We were at the store and just couldn't resist. The bright red color and the soft material were screaming their name. :)

One of Caden and Conor's favorite things to do is stand in front of all the windows in our house and look outside. It helps now that the weather is GORGEOUS and the windows are almost always open. I love how the windows are so low, because they're the perfect height for the boys to safely look out.

Caden reading a book with Mama...and Conor listening in. We can't wait to visit Cape Cod sometime next month! And ALL summer long! :)  My mom bought the boys these adorable summer outfits. I love the little "romper" look, the onesie with the shorts attached. I think they are adorable. It was super hot and humid on Monday so we busted them out! They fit great.

Just after baths last night!! Caden with Mama and Conor with Dada!

I'm really enjoying these days with the boys lately. We're on a great schedule and we are both really happy. Before I know it, I will be headed back to work full time. I can't believe they are almost a year old.

All for now...


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Long Weekend OUTSIDE!

What gorgeous weather we have been having here in DC, and back home in Boston, too. It is officially spring and everyone is loving the outside. From all the pics on facebook and instagram - it looks like we all can't get enough of this awesome weather!

Late last week, the boys and I visited Jim at Exxon since their office is moving to Houston in a few short weeks. We thought it would be nice to walk around the campus and take a few pics. If you look closely in the pic of me and the boys, there are THREE DEER behind us (almost like THREE WHALES, right Sarah and Nicole?! Haha). There were so many deer watching us roam about the property. Way cool.

The boys sometimes fuss when they're in their stroller -- they prefer to get out and crawl around. Maybe when they can start walking we will take them out during the walk, but for now we usually find a nice piece of grass and let them play. Caden wanted to crawl on Daddy and Conor wanted his bottle...never a dull moment. :)

Caden eventually wanted his bottle too, so we plopped them on the grass.  It was a bit sunny!

When we got home, we watched a little bit of Daniel Tiger - our favorite show. Their hair is really getting curly in the humidity...especially Conors!

On Saturday, we visited Old Town, Alexandria for some drinks and to walk around during the beautiful afternoon. Miss Jackie and her soon-to-be hub Cal visited us at Chadwicks. We enjoyed some celebratory champagne, as these two lovebirds are getting married in less than two weeks!

As far as today goes, Jim is golfing with his buddy Jamal. Chrissy and Lindsey thoughtfully got Jim a golf gift card when he passed the bar last year -- and when you have newborn twins when you find out you passed the bar exam, you wait a good solid year before using that gift card. ;) 

The boys are playing outside on the deck and I am prepping some dinner for all of us tonight. I'm sure Jim will be starved from golfing all day.

If you are looking for a simple and yummy meal for tonight or sometime this week - here's a nice and easy one. I scrambled up some lean ground hamburg with onions, garlic, and crushed red pepper. I then washed and sliced a few zucchini the long way and placed them in the pan.

After about 10 minutes, this is what it looks like. I usually stir it up a bit, add some salt and pepper and let all that cook up for about 20 more minutes or so -- and pour off all the extra fat drippings. Add some quinoa (or pasta) and sauce of your choice. Then top it off with a little parm cheese. It is delicious, simple, and filling!

Here's to a great, exciting week ahead! Cheers everyone!

Shaz and C-squared

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cherry Blossom Season!

Hi again!!  Here are some fav pics from our trip to DC this weekend.  There was a festival going on to celebrate the cherry blossoms...they were out and almost in full bloom!  The city was absolutely packed.  It was difficult to maneuver the stroller.  I am glad we visited though.  Fun family day.

Con's on the loose!

Don't worry though, Cay is going to get him!

Mama and Cay...

Conor is seriously into shadows lately -- in the house and especially outside.  He found my hand!

Mama taking in the beautiful day while Conor and Caden play together.

Dad and Con, and the Capitol Building....apparently there were shots fired there yesterday.  Situation all under control.

Dad and both babies!


Flashback pic to last year this time - Linds and I about to hop on our Cherry Blossom boat tour!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happiest Springtime Baby Boys!!

I wanted to write a quick post on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon. The boys have been home for almost a week now since Easter and they really couldn't be happier.  When we were up in MA last week, they were so sick, lethargic, fussy, and not themselves.  It is so refreshing and warms my heart to see these beamingly happy little faces. They have been SO awesome.

Also on a happy note, the trees have been so pretty lately. It is prime tourist season here in DC so all the cherry blossoms are [almost] out in full bloom.  This season reminds me of when the boys were born last year -- everything looks exactly the same.  I was on bed rest, anxiously awaiting the arrival of A & B.  Fast-forward one year later and here we are...preparing for their first birthday in a few weeks. 

We walked to dinner last night, Friday 4/10. I had to take a pic because the trees up the street looked beautiful.

Look at my patriotic little men! They must know that Memorial Day Weekend is coming up next month.  My mom's response to their pictures "Sharon - watch out they don't poke their eye out!". Ha, no kidding Ma. :)


While at dinner last night, we gave the boys crayons and paper for the first time.  They couldn't get over them.  They kept rotating the crayons in their little hands and staring at them.  Caden actually put them in his mouth - which was gross - because surprisingly they never put things in their mouths (yet).  I am sure that will come...


OMG, here is the FUNNIEST thing.  I was laughing so hard, this was so funny:  So Caden was pushing the red/white walker thing in the picture below. Then Conor started crawling over and reached for it with his hand.  As he was crawling/pushing over to it, Caden was still walking/pushing it. Then all of a sudden Conor got underneath and in between Caden's legs. So they were walking one on top of the other while pushing the walker.

Caden then started smiling SO BIG and began bouncing on Con....below.  It's a little blurry - but I dont care.  I am pumped I captured this on camera.

And as he was bouncing, he then went flying off..  Like look at Caden's little hands!!! He was clearly looking for the walker red bar to grab....I was dying.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.

Here's another example of how Caden is such a little ham.  I brought Conor out to the car to run errands and when I came back, this is where Caden was standing, 'Hi Mom!'.  He crawled the entire back length of the couch to the front door.  He's hilarious.

Happy Spring...get out there and enjoy the weather!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Con and Cay's first Easter!!

We drove up to MA last week for Easter. It was definitely an impromptu visit - but we are so glad we went.

We drove straight to the Cape from DC, and figured we would stop at a hotel in NY/CT overnight for the first time ever. Well, it was a disaster. We stopped in Rye, NY and used points at a local Marriott. They were super helpful and set up two pack n plays for the boys. Caden fell asleep but Conor would...not...stop....screaming. Conor is usually very relaxed and low key - he has always been my "easier" baby (Caden is very curious and into a lot of things). :)

Conor cried for almost two hours so we said forget it. We packed our stuff up and proceeded to Cape Cod, at 2AM. We arrived around 5AM and Irene thankfully watched the boys for a few hours so we could get some rest. Thank GOODNESS she took the day off and watched them. What a relief.

When I woke, I noticed the boys were fussier than usual and figured something was up. So long story short, they had the stomach bug/flu first, then head colds, Conor has an ear infection, and Caden had hives from the virus. What a mess! Conor is on an antibiotic and Caden took Benadryl. Once they were feeling a little better, we took the boys for a ride and enjoyed some dunkin donuts iced coffee at craigville beach.Jim is participating in the triathlon there this summer, so we checked out the route!

They loved checking out the house. They had not been down in the Cape while they have been mobile before! One of their favorite things was looking out the front door at all the "cars". (We are learning this word right now...).

They loved the exersaucer - especially since they had not seen this one since Christmas.

Then it was time to prep for Easter Sunday at my cousin Jodie's house. I volunteered to bring this trifle dessert. It is SO yummy and so easy. There are layers of chocolate pudding, cool whip, crumbled cookies, then chocolate pudding, crumbled brownies, cool whip, and topped with more cookie crumbles and nuts. I kind of made it up with what I had in the house. It looks really impressive (especially in my Mom's Waterford crystal dish) and it's simple to make. What a hit!

I had to make my mom and I little "taste-testers" to make sure it was good. ;)

Mommy and her boys on Easter. Nobody felt good. :(

On Monday, my friend Katie P and I took the boys to the local park and they LOVED the swings. Well, Caden loved the swings but Conor had an ear infection (although we didn't know that yet...), so he was a little more mellow.

Even though we were all sick, it was a fun visit home. I realized I had not been home for Easter in 8 years!! There was also surprisingly still a LOT of snow on the ground, but the temperature was nice.We took the boys for walks almost everyday - we even put them in my wagon that I used growing up.

Here's to our next (& FINAL) visit home! ;)

Shaz, Con and Cay