Friday, May 29, 2015

Big News!!!!

I was tired of not being able to provide a real answer to people when they asked if Conor and Caden were fraternal or identical. I mean, they look A LOT a like. Not exactly the same, because there is a two-pound weight difference, but they look the same (especially when dressed the same, hehe).

I know it shouldn't matter whether that are identical or fraternal and that I should just be happy that I have two healthy, happy, curious toddlers. But to everyone who asked, I replied with "I think they're fraternal, because I had a di/di pregnancy and I can tell them apart -- but I have no idea". What kind of response is that???

So for those who don't know, a di/di or "dichorionic diamniotic" (DCDA) pregnancy is a type of twin pregnancy where each twin has its own chorionic and amnionic sacs. This type occurs most commonly with dizygotic (aka fraternal) twins, but may also occur with monozygotic (aka identical) twin pregnancies. This type of twin pregnancy is in fact the healthiest because the twins do not need to share the food and nutrients since they have their own umbilical cords and placentas.

I guess I sort of always questioned whether they were going to be identical or not, because 1/3 of di/di pregnancies result in identical twins - and who knows, maybe even more because there is no easy way to find out. And since I couldn't tell if they were fraternal/identical after they were born, I asked my OB office and the boys pediatrician's office (and during my hospital stay) to provide me with their blood types and any other identifying information.

Prior to giving birth, I had read somewhere that if di/di twins are the same gender, have the same blood type, eye color, hair color, skin tone, ear shape, hand shape, and even the same way their teeth come in -- then there's a good chance of them being identical. I eventually found out their blood types when we moved to a MA pediatrician, because I had to order the boys' medical records. Sooooo...since everything was the same, I paid $99 to Proactive Genetics and ordered a zygosity twin testing kit around their first birthday.

I received the kit mid-May and did a bunch of little cheek swabs on both of them. I had to do several swabs before breakfast one day and after dinner that night. Two swabs on each cheek, each time. They handled it wonderfully. :) I watched the progress on the genetic testing website and once it said they received my kit, they said I should receive the results by June 1. Well, everyone... I received the results yesterday and they are IDENTICAL.

I should say I'm not surprised because I always had a bit of a feeling they were (duh, why else would I have ordered the test?!) but I am still a little surprised. So I must say that I am very happy that I can finally give everyone a legit answer. YAY!

In other news, I went to Walmart with my mom and bought the boys this $5 pool. They love it. Sometimes I even put a little bath soap in there and wash them all up. It's easier than giving them a bath inside. Grampa even warms up the water for them since the wind can make it a bit chilly out there!

And we also finally set up their cribs at my parents house. I think they are happy to have them back! A pack and play can only be so comfortable for weeks at a time....

Happy Friday, everyone!  xoxoxo

PS Flashback to when these nuggets were just hours old...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Festive Memorial Day Wknd in Cape Cod!

The boys, Jim, and I are celebrating our second Memorial Day weekend. Last year the boys were just a few weeks old and Auntie Chrissy visited us in Virginia. This year, we are one year old and we are celebrating in Cape Cod.  We lucked out having such nice weather. It is still a little cool in the Cape, but we have some beautiful clear skies.

Here we were crossing the Sagamore bridge over to the Cape on Friday.

On Saturday morning, the boys and I went for a walk - and planned on walking straight to the beach like we usually do. However, plans changed when we walked right into this road race about a quarter mile from our house. The road was pretty much blocked off, so instead of walking to the beach, we cheered on the runners! Caden and Conor loved seeing all the people.

Late Saturday afternoon when the roads opened up, we finally took the boys to Keyes Beach. Last summer they were too young to touch the sand or even know what was going on. This year it was much more fun. It was a little windy, so they didn't love the sand hitting their faces. We lathered them up in sunscreen and put their hats on. That lasted all of 5 minutes with the wind.

Here is our current Phelan family photo. Photo cred to Jessica Phelan. We visited with Bill, Jess, and their new daughter, Sloane. She is 6 weeks old and had her first beach/cape visit. She is adorable. New cousin for C and C!

 We then enjoyed some cookies after the beach...yum!

Then took a bath and watched some Daniel Tiger (of course)...

We enjoyed some backyard fun at a neighbor's house.  This is Conor....

And here's Caden....ha.  I swapped them out and put the other in the swing. They loved it. We bought a swing set off craigslist about 2 weeks ago. Can't wait to set it up in our backyard in Hyannis. The boys will love it. The boys can swing in the swing set and Mama can swing in the hammock. ;)

We were pooped, so we rested a bit with Daddy. There is nothing like that Cape Cod air. So relaxing.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Have fun and stay safe.


P.S. Flashback photo to last Memorial Day...crazy how much has happened in a year!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our new days in MA!

Mama went to work in Boston yesterday on the commuter rail. It was fun and different - and I liked it more than I thought I would.  And on the way home, I chose the front of the train and it's called the "quiet car".  Let me tell you how enjoyable a "quiet car" is when you have two one year olds at home. :)

Grammy watched the boys since Wednesdays are her day off. It was so nice of her to watch them both this week and last week. I have been able to test out my commute, set up my desk, and meet people in the office. Conor and Caden's newest favorite activities right now are opening every single cabinet they can find - and also walking with the help of my hands or Grammy's hands...see below. 

We also went out for Auntie Cookie's birthday on Saturday and it was SO fun! We went to a wine tasting at various restaurants around Boston and then finished off at 6B to celebrate Jordan's 30th birthday. Fun weekend!

We started our week off hanging out on the porch and watching ALL the people, cars, and dogs walk by. We even saw a bus drive by and loved it.

After we went to Crystal's baby shower on Sunday, we then stopped in Charlestown for Caden and Conor to see the Bunker Hill was just like when we were in DC. ;) And it was a beautiful day. We all loved the fresh air!

We are headed to Cape Cod again this weekend for Memorial Day. I am already starting to pack up. Let's hope for some nice weather!

Have and happy, fun, and safe Memorial Day everyone.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

So much celebrating!!

We spent a few days in Cape Cod last week - and Great Grammy Phelan took the boys for a walk around the neighborhood while we did some yard work. Look how great she looks! Her birthday was 5/14, my Grammy Hancock's birthday was 5/15, Auntie Chrissy was 5/13 and C-Squared were 5/6. So many May birthdays!

I was so surprised to see all my daffodils at the Cape. We aren't usually there in May, so I loved seeing the different flowers...Caden, too! There were tons.

We came back to Woburn and the boys have been loving my parents backyard. There is so much to look at, so many toys, and they of course love the doggies.

Playing with their new toys from their birthday!

Mother's Day weekend was so so so warm, almost 90 degrees! We used the pool that Auntie Theresa got us for our birthday. We loved it! We went in the pool in our birthday suits, hehe. ;)

We love watching TV on Saturday mornings with Daddy. Daniel Tiger was on! Our favorite.

We are off to celebrate our favorite Auntie Cookies tonight in Boston for her birthday! Grammy and Grampa are going to watch Conor and Caden for the night. Fun day/night out for Mommy and Daddy wine tasting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISSY!! :)


Monday, May 4, 2015


This is gonna be a long one....

Conor and Caden turn ONE on Wednesday, which means I made it through their first year!! Yay! I am shocked at how quickly it went by, even though every...single....person...told me how fast it flies by. Many people still say "the days sure go by slowly, but the years fly by". I think I mentioned that in a previous post, but boy is it true! Fastest year of my life, for sure.

We celebrated the boys on Sunday at a BBQ at my parent's house. We did a similar event last summer at their meet and greet, so it's surreal that we celebrated their one year in the same place - after what felt like a whirlwind of a year. Here are some pics of me and the boys arriving in MA and setting up for the party. A huge thank you to my parents who were the biggest help - and Chrissy and Linds, too!

I hung some CC pictures on the clothesline for people to see moments from their first year....

We were using this old wagon from when my sister and I grew up - but Conor and Caden were just a little too young for it. I felt like they were going to fly overboard. They LOVE watching wheels turn, but this was too close for comfort for Mama. Thankfully my besties out in LA sent a new, "canopy" wagon to C&C for their first bday!! (pictured above sans canopy).

Onto the birthday are some pictures of their "whale theme" amazing cake. It was delicious. If anyone is looking for a cake in the Woburn area, check out Sweet Garden Cakes on facebook and ask for Nicole. She is so talented!!

And then of course the much-anticipated cake smash....

And lastly, here are some pics of the crowd. What a BEAUTIFUL day. We really lucked out. I think it was the first real warm day in MA in what feels like forever. Here is Caden and Conor post bath after their cake smash...thanks to Auntie Chrissy and Shayla! They were exhausted.

Three generations...

My family!

Mary and I  - both mothers of twins!

Callie (their cousin, 5 days younger than the boys...happy birthday, Callie!).

Mary with Conor...

 And Mary with Caden.  "Everything two times!"

Nana Phelan with both her grandbabies! Loving their new wagon. Thank you, Sarah and Nicole.

Thank you EVERYONE for all their new toys, clothes, and gear. Jim and I honestly have no idea what we would do without all of you. You made their day so memorable and special. We are so thankful. Can't wait to keep the celebrations going all summer!

AKA Mom of two toddlers!

Flashback photo of the boys with Callie at the meet last summer.  Look how tiny they all were!