Sunday, June 28, 2015


I want to start this post off by celebrating the accomplishments of the Supreme Court on June 26, 2015. They ruled that gay marriage is now a constitutional right. That means that marriage is now legal for EVERYONE nationwide...something that should have happened years ago, but it happened and it's great. #lovewins

Here are a few fun fav pics of Caden and Conor this past week! They are finally feeling healthy and happy again. And most importantly, sleeping fully through the night. ;) Mama is feeling a bit more human now that we are all getting more sleep. I thought they may have had ear infections or bronchitis, but the doctor said they were ALL GOOD! Great news.

We found the boys a swingset on craigslist and my Dad is sanding and staining it. Thanks GRAMPA!!!! :):):) We were originally going to bring it down to Cape Cod, but now we think it might be better to keep it at our primary house - whenever we buy one. :)  Ha, look at Cay reaching for Con.

We love feeding ourselves cheerios (a new trick we learned at 'school'). We had a field day eating them on the porch...until we spilled them everywhere, out of our spill proof cups no less.

Don't worry, Peanut and Zeta saved the day!!!!!!!! :)

Grampa and Daddy had a golf tournament this weekend, so Mommy and Grampa went to a couple stores to find Grampa new golf shoes prior to them heading out. But first, quick photo op with C and C before we ventured out and ran our errands.

We soon realized that Grampa matched all the employees at Target AND Sports Authority. We were dying.

And the best, most special time of all -- individual cuddle time with Mama! Conor left and Caden right. My favorite time.


PS Flashback photo to these tiny little nuggets on the Cape last summer! Outfits from cousin Penny Jenni!! Only a few more days til we celebrate the best week/wknd of the year in Cape Cod with our favorite crew. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my husband, my Father in Law and my Grandfathers...and all the other wonderful Dads out there!!

Being a parent is definitely not easy, and having multiples hasn't been a piece of cake either. Jim has been the most amazing Dad to Conor and Caden this past year. We are the luckiest. Daddy is so fun and the boys beam with excitement when he gets home from work each night. They are so thrilled to see him. Here are a couple favorite pics of Jim and the boys....and also a few highlight pics of the boys with my Dad, Jim's Dad, and my Grampa Hancock.

We love DADDY!!!

Here's Jim and the boys at 1 month and then 4.5 months...Conor left, Caden right in both pics.

Here's a pic when Gramps met the boys last summer. Both baby B's are on the left! And Conor and Daddy are on the right.

Grampa and C Squared last month in Woburn. Who's who? ;)

Gramps and C-Squared on the Cape Memorial Day Weekend 2015.

Mommy's Grampa Hancock ("GG") with Conor last September. I sometimes see a little bit of my Grampa's face in Conor. It's cute (even when he was just hours old in the hospital).

I hope everyone has a great weekend....and if you're golfing, stay dry out there!


P.S. Flashback photo to Grampa Callahan with Conor [presumably] over Father's Day weekend last year, 2014.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Little Ones on Little Beach!

What a fantastic weekend we had on Cape Cod. We had the most beautiful weather! Mid 70s and sunny...perfect beach weather. Look at my little lifeguards!

The boys were much healthier than last weekend during the triathlon, but they do have a cold right now. They are getting used to all the germs at daycare. Their little noses were so runny all weekend. I thought maybe they had some allergies, but this morning when they woke I could definitely tell they have a cold. I have every other Monday off, so thankfully I'm here with them today.

Here's a fun recap of our weekend at the beach! We were lucky enough to visit a few beaches in both Hyannis and Dennis. They liked it a lot. We are getting them used to it for the summer ahead. Conor LOVED the water and Caden was a little unsure what to make of it. They are so different. Caden is usually a bit more adventurous so I thought for sure he would love it. But as they always keep me on my toes, it was CONOR who loved it!!! He couldn't get enough of the waves hitting his little toes. :)

Daddy with the boys, and Mommy with the boys!

We took a few family walks around the neighborhood. They absolutely love being outside and it's where they are the happiest (and subsequently the quietest). ;)

The boys were SO tired after such a long, fun weekend! Cant wait til we go down to Cape Cod again soon.

We were even able to do a bunch of yard work and have dinner at Jim's parents house. Not a minute to rest...we had so much to do, so much fun!

Til next time,

PS Flashback pic of my bridal shower (again) from Cape Cod five years ago!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hyannis Triathlon - Complete!

A BIG congrats to Jim, Theresa, and Lindsey for completing their first triathlon in Hyannis last weekend!!!

The weather wasn't perfect, but all three of them killed it. They also had smiles at the finish line and throughout the day - which means an overall successful event. CONGRATS!!! And a huge thank you to the Boschs, the Macombers, and the Phelans for coming down the Cape and supporting everyone in the rain!

Prior to the triathlon on Saturday, Aunties Chrissy and Lindsey brought the boys to Cape Cod on Friday while Daddy was traveling for work and mommy was working in the city. What a huge help. 

Unfortunately, Conor and Caden were coming down with quite a severe cold/sickness and were not themselves. They were quite cranky (understandably since Mama now has the same thing). Auntie Chrissy and Linds were such troopers and took great care of C and C. Mama drove down the Cape right after work on Friday and everyone prepped for the big race Saturday. On Sunday, Jim and I took the boys to Craigville Beach since the weather was way nicer than the previous day. They loved it! 

I am happy to report the boys are feeling MUCH better and spent the week doing fun activities at daycare. They played with play-dough, did finger painting, and played outside each day. Here are a few good ones.

And here's a few fun activities at "home" too (home is still currently at Grammy and Grampa's). The house-search is still ongoing. We've been spending a ton of time going to open houses and showings. Something will fall into place soon though. We are hopeful.

We have also started getting VERY good at eating on our own these days. We've picked up some great tricks at daycare watching the older kids. ;)  Here's my little righty (Cay) and lefty (Con) eating their cheerios this morning. I miss these little guys already!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. TGIF!


PS Flashback photo to my bridal shower this time FIVE YEARS AGO. My goodness. Feels like maybe one or two.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Slowly but Surely....

The boys have made some serious growth progress over the last two weeks. To me, they are interacting more both with each other and with MAMA! It comes at a perfect time, now that I am going back to work full time this week (waaahhhh).

They are super cute with their waving, high fiving, curiosity and desire to learn. They love to walk (still assisted), 'swim' in their little pool, and giggle at the doggies. They also made the transition to regular whole milk two days ago, and that seems to be going great. No complaints over here. Happy proud Mommy. :)

Here are a couple summery pics. We loved feeling the watermelon and seeing all the little "pools" of watermelon juice floating around. We were splashing and having fun!

Once we were all cleaned up, we went on a long walk. We picked flowers, watched the cars drive by, and saw tons of other doggies. 

Bath time! I only got a picture of Conor. I usually wash them in the tub together, but I thought this was so cute. And they LOVED looking outside in the yard.

Look at them; they are really two peas in a pod! They love each other and they love Daniel Tiger! Haha thanks Katie P! Photobomb of Grampa on the couch...hahahaha.

Happy Summer everyone. Enjoy the nice weather and the chance to be OUTSIDE. Conor and Caden love hearing all the noises and watching the cars, bikes, and motorcycles drive by. Such entertainment at age ONE.


PS. Congratulations to my cousin Michael and all the other Class of 2015 graduates! Here are a few flashback photos to 2007 when I graduated from Endicott College. Feels like yesterday.