Sunday, September 27, 2015

Homemade Banana Pancakes...and more FALL!

It looks like I preliminary posted my blog about the fall here's a follow up. 

I say that because I now have a few pictures of my minimal fall decorations -- and we also just returned from Wilson Farms in Lexington to grab some fruit, fresh bread, and veggies. And boy was it PACKED.

We started the morning with some homemade banana and chocolate chip pancakes. It was a simple recipe made from ingredients I always have on hand (egg, milk, flour, sugar, butter, bananas, chocolate chips). I made 8 pancakes - 4 for Daddy, 2 for C and C, and 2 for Mom!

Then we played outside on the deck. It was really chilly this morning - so thankfully we had our sweaters nearby to toss on quick. In fact, it was so chilly, you could see your breath!

Then we tried our very first [whole] apple. Of course we've had tons of apples before, but usually either mushed up in our homemade baby food last fall, or chopped up more recently. To be honest, we are fans of softer fruits like blueberries and strawberries, but every so often we get some watermelon or apples in there for a bit of a crunch.

Caden's turn....

Conor's turn...

And here we are at Wilson Farm in Lexington. Although it was super packed, we were able to snag a few scenic pics. The boys were really tired at this point...almost nap time!

That is all of fall adventures for now. Stay tuned for more if we keep exploring!

Shaz and C-Squared

Saturday, September 26, 2015



Two years ago, I blogged about a lot of my favorite fall recipes - including a lot of squashes, like spaghetti squash recipes.  Last year, I wrote about tons of homemade baby food recipes including squash and carrots and other healthy fruits and veggies. This year, I decorated the house for the "fall" season more than I ever have in the past, and I also have an apple pie currently in the oven (17 more minutes left on the timer....). Fun Saturday night! ;)

Jim went to his undergrad college today, WPI, for alumni weekend. He likes to go since he was President while we were in school - and also because he is an attorney. He wants to help out where he can. That being said, Conor and Caden and Mommy had the day to ourselves. Grampa stopped by today and we went to Wegmans...but we spent most the day together ourselves. And same yesterday since daycare was closed for a holiday. So naturally, we had a bit of a fall photo-shoot all weekend long. My fav.

I finally checked out the PRIMARK location in Downtown Crossing on Thursday and bought a ton of new clothes for the whole family. I loved the different mens/womens/childrens sections on the various floors. Everything is super affordable. I bought these beige sweaters for the boys. They are perfect for this season! I love the little brown elbow patches. :)

Zeta has been spending a lot of time at our house lately (and my dad too) since we lost Peanut. I think she likes visiting. She plays with the kids, and the kids toys, and their blankets/boppy pillows. It's a win/win for Z! Tons of company and new toys!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Happy FALL! And go Patriots tomorrow!


PS Here's a flashback photo of me and Jim at WPI alumni weekend back in 2011!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Grampa and Grammy!!

Last night my Mom, Dad, Chrissy, and Lindsey came over our house to celebrate my Dad turning the big 6-0. My mom's birthday is now today (happy birthday!!) so all in all, it was a fun celebratory night!

In honor of my Dad's birthday, we had his most favorite things for him -- scali bread with butter, shrimp cocktail, chicken marsala, cannolis from Roma's. We also gave him scratchies, dunkin donuts gift cards, capital grille gift cards, and steak/steak tips from the Boston Public Market I wrote about a few days ago. I think he loved his bday!!
Here's the birthday boy coming over last night. He thought he and my mom were going out to dinner but instead, we all celebrated at my place for the evening, played with C and C, listened to music, enjoyed dinner and dessert. It was fun.
We had a few decorations and played "Who Let the Dogs Out" when he arrived at my house. For those of you who know my dad, you know that song is an old fav of his...

Here's the shrimp cocktail appetizer.

And here's the chicken marsala cooking -- I made two dishes: one with mushrooms and one without. I also supplemented the marsala wine by adding a bit of pinot grigio, EVOO, butter, and a bit of chicken stock. Everyone loves the sauce, so you need to make sure you make enough!

Conor and Caden played outside with their Aunties, Daddy, and Grandparents until it was time for dinner. They were great and had so much fun on the hammock with everyone.

We sadly didn't take any pictures of us having dinner - so here we will skip straight to dessert. My mom ordered this adorable chocolate cake which was the perfect size for the group we had. It was delicious...and cute!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Dad of course!

 Cake for Conor with Daddy!

 Milk for Caden with Auntie Chrissy!

Auntie Lindsey is the best! We love her. :)

Being silly with Grampa and Auntie Chrissy.

I had such a good time last night. It was fun, relaxing, and everyone was in a good mood (specifically referring to C and C). Thanks everyone for coming and hope Dad and Mom had/have happy birthdays!

SIDE NOTE: Also of major interest right now, is all things FALL since today is the first day of the new season. I came across yet another blog post by the Boston City Moms Blog about a list of fall things to do. They categorized the items based on things to do at home, or out on the town. I am thinking of going to some of the fall events throughout 10/10-10/12 at the Lawn on D in Boston, like this Punkpin Fest. Check it out!

All for now,
PS. #tbt and HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my Mom!! Here we are in 2013 at the St Patricks Day Parade in South Chrissy's old apartment. :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Football Season has Officially Commenced!

We had some of our very best friends over yesterday to watch the Patriots game and for us, it was a big deal. Sure, we've hosted several football parties in the past throughout DC and LA, but now we are home in Massachusetts with our oldest and closest friends, it was something that made Jim and I very happy. I don't want any of our friends in LA to take that the wrong way - it's just something about being home with the fall weather approaching, watching football with your high school/college friends (or Shayla, elementary school friends) that just brings you back. There's nothing like it. Here's a quick recap of our day...

Conor and Caden are playing with Tori (not pictured - in the bathroom lol). The kids did so great. It's awesome when friends have kids the same age as your kids. Not only is the house already baby/toddler-proofed, there are also tons of new toys that make the kiddos very excited and entertained.

Everybody needed a little rest after running around all afternoon.

And of course a snuggle fest is needed.

I loved this pic - I don't know if any of them knew I was taking it. It was just an "in the moment" picture of the new Bosch/Phelan generation. And I love it.

Mama Suz was so awesome (and fair!) giving the kiddos some celebratory Patriots chocolate cake! Yum!!

Then of course the boys wanted a turn watching their favorite "shows" on the iPad. Conor and Caden like to stand the same way, by putting up their right hand at the same time. :)

It was a pretty chilly morning here in Woburn which means fall is almost here! I busted out their Penn State hoodies from Rocko in LA. This was something the boys couldn't wear out there!! Haha. I heard it's been pretty hot out here lately. In LA, these fall months are the best weekends to go to the beach, there are less tourists too. Enjoy!

Thanks again for our sweatshirts. They are certainly going to come in handy these next few months. And thanks again to our friends who came over yesterday. It was so much fun.


PS Hopefully you all saw this pic I posted yesterday. I don't remember why they were so sad, but the photo makes me giggle a bit. It also kind of reminds me of their newborn crying pic. Caden is on the right in both.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Growing Boys & Wedding Recap!

Conor and Caden have really grown up these last few weeks. They have become more verbal, more responsive, they joined the big kids in "circle time" at school, and have brought home so many arts and crafts projects. Here they are doing a craft project with cut-outs from a magazine, learning new shapes!

We brought the boys to Lynch Park in Beverly today. It is a beautiful park overlooking the ocean and borders the Rose Garden where tons of weddings take place. There was actually a wedding going on around 4PM today while we were there. I had fun doing a photo shoot with the boys. Here are a few highlights.

This pic is a little late - but I felt it was a fun memory and should be shared. :) Chrissy and Linds came over a few weeks ago and we had a great workout. Linds created a new circuit for us that we were able to do outside. You can find her older kettlebell workout here. We did kettlebell swings, kettlebell presses, squats, mountain climbers, sprints, stairs and planks. The boys were finishing up their day at daycare, so it was great timing! We jumped on the trampoline after we picked up C and C - they were a little unsure of what to make of it.

By the way, here's a huge GOOD LUCK to team "Resting Beach Face" this weekend up in NH. It's going to be a long, fun, team run. Chrissy and Linds - come back to Woburn to do the workout with me again! It's so much more fun with friends...and much more motivating. :)
In all the emotional-ness that has transpired with Peanut and other family members this week, I feel like I have completely skipped over our trip to Montana for Sarah and Collin's wedding last weekend. How on earth could I have missed a blog post on one of the best weddings ever??? It was so serene, beautiful, and relaxing. Words don't even do it justice. We honestly couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more than we did. Sarah and Collin (and their families) were the PERFECT hosts and really outdid themselves all weekend long. All of the guests raved about the weekend and the Selders/Drinkards efforts did not go unnoticed. I felt right at home at Boulder River Ranch...or more like I felt right on vacation there! ;) We are so grateful to have those newlyweds in our lives! Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Selders!

Oh! And we got a new pool table for the basement. The basement isn't finished, but now that we have a pool table, kitchen table, and desk down there, it's feeling a bit cozier. It's actually a perfect "man-cave" for Jimbo. We're hosting people for the Patriots game tomorrow, so come on by to watch football and play some pool if your nearby!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your Sunday Funday tomorrow!


PS Flashback photo to that time I rode a horse in Lake Conroe (Houston), Texas in 2012....ha. Photo cred +James Phelan