Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Horn Pond and Napa Wine... yes please!

We walked around Horn Pond Sunday night because quite frankly, we all needed out of the house. It was surprisingly a mild day, and we finished watching the Pats game...so it was time for a walk.

The boys had a great morning shopping at Market Basket, playing on the swing set, visiting with Grammy, Grampa, and Auntie Theresa, and then had an amazing nap...almost 2.5 hours. When they woke, they were definitely sick of the house. So we decided to walk Horn Pond! It was a beautiful night.

I put the boys 3 month hats on their heads to keep them warm - haha they fit! Sort of...

Cozy with our blankets and stuffed animals. :)

Enough riding around in the stroller, we want to walk ourselves!

They were real tired after that. We had a nice little bedtime routine and they didn't make a peep. Here are my sleeping little twin boys....so sweet, so cozy, so perfect.

Mommy had been cooking a pork and veggies all day long - so we indulged with a little 2012 Louis Martini Meritage. It retails for $65 - link to the website below. It was one of our favs! Such a relaxing night sipping wine by our new fireplace. How did we get so lucky???


Til next time....


P.S. One year ago today, we were touring the US Capitol Building. We went from touring the Capitol, to strolling Horn Pond! ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How we spend our weekends...

The pictures below are pretty self explanatory of how we spend our days and weekends in MA. The boys, like I've said before, are completely in love with their swing set. They both love swinging in their swings so much. When we get home from daycare, they guide me into the backyard and I know they can't wait to get on their swings. Caden LOVES going down the slide. He can't get enough of it. Conor likes to stand on the top and give Caden a push -- he doesn't really love going down the slide on his own. He will however, enjoy it when we make him slide down. It just takes a little bit of effort. ;)

We just got this hand-me-down tractor from a friend. And although they have to share it (we tend to have two of everything to avoid the fights and tantrums, but they need to learn to share - so this is good), they love it. Who doesn't love new toys?

Fall in New England!  Enough said.

The boys have been playing together and talking to each other a ton lately. Like - it's drastically increased in just a week. And they love chasing each other, grabbing each other's shoulders like a little choo choo train, and playing hide and seek. I hope you all saw the video of their choo choo attempt the other night. HA!

"Saturday's a rugby day"!!

We went to Daddy's rugby game yesterday at MIT. They played Harvard. I was of course on the opposite side of the field as Jim, so we didn't see him too much - but it was fun nonetheless. The boys loved running all over the field, they loved the flags, and they loved the rugby ball. Caden liked the ball more than Conor (shocking).

And Sunday's a cooking day. ;)

Currently in my oven, I have a pork loin with rosemary, garlic, olive oil, onion, salt, and pepper. I added carrots and sweet potatoes to have on the side. It smells incredible. I basically chopped everything up and threw it all in the oven to roast for a few hours. I plan to take the pork out soon, so they veggies can soften up a bit. I skipped dicing the sweet potatoes this round, because I've made so many lately. I feel like I am developing carpel tunnel. So I wait for the soften and give them a quick mash/chop when they are done so I can serve them. It's all super easy and makes for a perfect fall home-cooked meal.

I boiled some pastrami to make yummy, salty, hot pastrami sandwiches for lunch on this rainy cool fall day.

And this ridiculous trifle for dessert. I made brownies yesterday, and pudding today...so who wouldn't layer the two together with some cool whip? I mean, duh. YUM!

And mimosas to have during the game. Cheers to you all! And GO PATS!!!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

We love our Grampa!!!

This post is dedicated to Grampa aka my dad. 

Ever since I was little, my dad has always been the fun, outgoing, family jokester that everyone gets a kick out of. Growing up, he never missed a sporting event of Chrissy's or mine, or my dance recitals, or any other important life events. Even though he worked a lot when Chrissy and I were growing up (I give a LOT of credit to my mom), he still made it to the prom before pics, birthday celebrations, and most family holidays. Since we live nearby now, my Dad is taking full advantage of the fun day-to-day stuff and Conor and Caden love it. They love love love all their Grandparents.

Not only does my Dad play and have fun with C-Squared all the time, but he also has offered to come over while they're sleeping so Jim and I can go out for a date night. He constantly offers to do that, happily and without any reservations. And it's soooo appreciated. What parents of two one-year olds DON'T need or want a night out?! I mean, let's be real.

Also, my dad has helped us countless times with painting. He drove down to DC in 2008 to paint our first home. Then he painted the entire interior of the Cape house in 2011. And a few years ago, he flew out to LA to paint our condo before we put it on the market. Oh, and he just painted the ceilings, living room, and bedrooms in our new home in Woburn. And he also painted our new picnic table and the boys swing set! 

There's also been about a billion other things he's helped us with - like going to the car dealership with Jim to help him find a new (used) car, looking for a pool table for us to set up in the basement, meeting me at daycare to help me pick up the boys in the afternoon, and planning dinners out for all of us at the Chateau. Needless to say, we appreciate everything he does and we're so glad we are nearby so we can see him as often as we do. ;)

Here are a few more favs over the last year and a half.

The boys are so lucky to have all four of their grandparents in their lives and as close as they are to us now. We moved back home at the best possible time - we can tell the boys are so happy here.

Have a great weekend, everyone! We are off to watch Finding Nemo! :)

Shaz and the boys

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Individual Time!

For the past few weeks, I've been making an extra effort to give Caden and Conor some  more individual time. Before, when they were smaller (and lighter), I could carry both, lift them up quickly, or pull them up on the couch with me. I could also bring them both out to the car so easily. Now it's getting harder and harder to do those things. Oddly enough, this "individual time" advice was given to me while I was pregnant and didn't really understand the need to separate them. But I must say, now I am watching them grow and learn and seeing them have individual needs and wants, I like the idea.
They don't have extremely different interests, mostly because they're both into everything and they want to learn. But I can see them being fascinated with different things. For example , Conor is really interested in things that spin. He loves steering wheels, this spinning toy palm tree, playing with/throwing the ball, snuggling, sucking his thumb and being chased. Caden, while still interested in all of those, he really loves cars. Caden loves spinning the wheels of cars, "driving" them all over the carpet and floor and up the walls. He also loves to bring a toy (usually a car) with him wherever he goes -- whether it's the dinner table, or upstairs to his room, or in the car for a ride, he tends to bring a small toy with him. They both typically like the same things, but the way they play is just different...and I love that. I love their individual personalities.


Oh, and don't worry. Their tantrums are in full force; and I would say it's mostly because of their lack of communication. It is really frustrating for everyone, but I would say mostly for them. And sure, I know everything is a phase, but being their Mom, I want to do everything I can to help them. So [coming full circle here] if that means giving them some individual time, that works for me!
To be honest, and I don't mean this to be offensive -- but I was thinking about it the other day -- all singleton babies have at least a year (if not more) dedicated strictly to both Mom and Dad. That single child has ALL the attention from his/her mommy and daddy, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, nanny, etc for such a long period of time. So weirdly, a part of me feels a little bad that Conor and Caden have had half the attention as singletons. Jim's grandmother and I were just discussing that over the weekend. It's so nice being able to talk to her and hear her thoughts/concerns/memories of raising twin boys. It's a comforting feeling. After we talked about their "lack" of individual bonding time as infants, we quickly shifted gears by remembering that they have had a buddy/twin/sibling/bestie since before they were born. SO for that, they are super lucky. Right?!
But anyway, enough over-thinking it. I'm making it a priority to spend some one-on-one time with each of them to learn more about them as individuals and the things that each of them want. I've been giving each of them some more individual snuggle time, especially towards the end of the day. I also try and hold one of them more while I'm walking around the house making dinner or doing laundry -- or, we have taken just one of them out for an individual ride in the car (this tends to happen more on weekends so the other parent is home with the other one). 
Caden's turn...

And Conor's turn...


I may now actually be ready for someone to babysit just one at a time, so that the other can have extra long Mommy and Daddy time...all by themselves! I don't know, I am starting to think about it. It's so strange to think of only having one with me! Maybe I will start with someone watching them for one hour. :)
All for now...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Books, books, books, books. books, books!

"We're brothers forever...what more can we say? Our friendship is special in so many ways...."

The boys are absolutely obsessed with books. Their favorite (coincidentally Mommy's favorite too) is called "Brothers Forever".

C and C love this book, it's is so adorable. It's the perfect length. Age appropriate. The photos capture their attention. They are always pointing at objects while I am reading. I've talked with a few friends and cousins who have kids the same age and they are obsessed with books too. It must be something about this age and learning to listen and talk. Anyway, I just did a quick search of the author P.K. Hallinan and found all these other books he authored. You know, just a few Christmas ideas for C and C! ;)  I am honestly reading this book in all these pics.....

We can't forget some fall, outside, swing-set, and wagon pics.

Daycare Art Projects:

Since I know we sadly can't save every single art project the boys make, I am going to try and take pics of them so they last forever. :) Here's a little bit of Caden and Conor's creativity....enjoy.

All for now. Hope you all enjoy the weekend! Wishing John Bosch yet another happy birthday! Here was bday wish number one and number two...this is the third birthday wish on shazbythesea!

Shaz and the boys

P.S. Much needed Flashback FRIDAY on this one. Here's Caden and Conor last Thanksgiving (6.5 months) wearing these 9 month jackets. And here they are wearing them this morning! They swapped colors though. In the top photo, Caden is wearing orange and Conor's in blue. And in the bottom pic Conor is in orange and Caden in blue. This made me smile. :)