Friday, January 22, 2016

First Winter in MA!

When we first heard about the weather this weekend, I was SO excited!! Then I heard we were only getting a few inches. Sure, the boys experienced some snow in DC, but I'm ready for them to experience a Massachusetts winter. So far, they have been loving the snow. I know we haven't had very much of it --- and they haven't really played outside in it, but they love watching it fall from the sky. They hold out their little hands and try to catch the snowflakes. It's so sweet.

Here's Caden and Conor watching Jimmy shovel the driveway. He also used his snowblower, which they couldn't take their eyes off of...they stood here for like 15 minutes watching him. That's how I was able to back up and take the pic from further away. ;)

Jim's Mom ("Nana") bought the boys these winter coats. And my mom ("Grammy") bought them these little clips so I can hang their mittens off the jackets. Unfortunately, they don't love their coats OR their mittens - but hey, at least I won't lost them. When you have twins, there are LOTS of things to keep track's tough.

Cay and Con leaving school one day this week! All bundled up.  *Note - I don't usually put their coats on in the car. I'm actually hugely opposed to it. It was just REALLY really cold that day, and they are sick. 

Mama and Conor time.

Mama and Caden time.

We finally took down our Christmas tree last weekend. Naturally, I had to take a pic of the living room, since it looked so open and clean. We still keep our coffee table in front of the fireplace since the boys love playing with it - but other than that, I love the way the room looks...and I love the paint color. My Dad did a great job. Shoutout to Anchor Bend Glassworks in RI for the vases in the background. If you need or want any blown glass, they are the place to go!

The vases were made for my wedding on 7/10/10. I liked the simplicity of the centerpieces. The callalilies were minimal and made the vases stand out a bit more. We also named our tables the names of California beaches since we were living there at the time. I love reminiscing about that day. By the way, look at that view of the Boston skyline....stunning.

And my amazing friend Sarah bought me this fun Cape Cod pillow for my birthday! I opened it up on Tuesday and I LOVE it! It's a perfect addition for the room....and it's very accurate. (It reads: "let's go to the Cape")

All for now! TGIF!!!


PS Flashback Friday pic!!  Here are some childhood pictures of Chrissy and I. I can't help but see Conor on the left (its prob the thumb sucking) and Caden on the right. Finally...some of Mama!!

And another bonus flashback pic...from their first REAL snow over Thanksgiving 2014. Coincidentally, Conor left and Caden right.

Baked Veggie & Cheese Crescent Roll

My mom found this recipe from Market Basket, and thought it would be perfect for our Christmas Eve dinner. I know, it was about a month ago, but I wanted to write about it because it was delicious! It was very rich - so it's good for a holiday, not a random Tuesday. I wish I had an after pic because the "raw" picture doesn't really do it justice.

We diced up a bunch of vegetables and added them to some grated cheese and cream cheese. We then wrapped it up in the crescent roll, in a circle formuation. Easy right?! It was SO good. The veggies we used were broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, and scallions. We boiled the broccoli first, and sauteed the mushrooms - the tomatoes and scallions can be used raw. We then mixed them with an 8oz container of cream cheese and some shredded cheddar. We placed out the little triangles of the crescent rolls on a baking sheet, and poured the mixture on the triangles and fold them up over the mixture. Prior to folding up the crescent rolls, we added a teeny bit more shredded cheese -- and some salt and pepper. You can also brush some butter on the top, but since we bought the buttery crescent rolls, we figured that was plenty. Up to you!

Also, I thought it would be worth mentioning one of my favorite toddler meal products in this post. I'm not sponsoring nor do I receive any compensation for this -- these are simply my thoughts alone. I feel like I listed my favorite newborn items and my favorite baby (9-12 months) items and haven't done too much for toddler things. So for those of you with toddlers, I suggest looking into these toddler plates by EZ PZ. They are difficult for toddlers to lift, which means minimal to no spillage - and also they separate the food in different spaces, which makes for easier clean up too. The material is nice and food doesn't really stick to them. You can also bring these out to restaurants so children aren't eating off the table or using a glass plate. I'm a huge fan!

All for now! Have a great weekend and stay warm out there. I was secretly hoping for a blizzard but I guess a couple inches will do. :)


Saturday, January 16, 2016

First photo shoot of the YEAR!

This is going to be a short post - mainly because I am playing with the boys and I don't have much free time to type. But we had a fun little photo shoot this morning. Of course, it was nothing fancy or formal. The boys were eating some french toast, breakfast sausages, and strawberries - some of their very favorite foods. I took the happy opportunity to take a few pics of them. They are really into mimicking faces lately, especially Caden. He does this happy scrunchy nose face and it's too cute.

Hope this brings a smile to your face!  Happy long MLK weekend, and GO Patriots!

Caden -

Conor -

And a few other random candid favs. Here are the boys checking out Baby C.

And about to head off to school one morning...

Conor being his climbing mischievous self. ;)

Caden trying to copy but not getting very far. Hehe.

All for now,

PS Flashback photo to 31 years ago....Chrissy meeting me for the first time, January 1985. I have probably already posted this picture to my blog, but I especially like it now because this is how old Conor and Caden are right now, 20 months!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

December and early January Happenings

Hi!! Two posts in two days! I think my energy may be coming back. :)

These aren't the most flattering pictures of me, but this is basically what life looks like these days while 12.5 weeks pregnant with two toddlers. Mama is lying down as often as she can. I love reading to them - because they're really engaged. Lately we have been reading their favorite Daniel Tiger book. Thank you to Jimbo for capturing this real moment. :)

I failed to mention in my Christmas post that Jim's parents came over a few days after Christmas to celebrate. They gave the boys SO many fun new toys - they were in awe over some of the new their new big wheel bikes! It was smart to get them the same one, and the same color, because no one fights over anything.  They also brought over a huge turkey dinner with all the sides and fixings - so I didn't have to lift a finger. It was such a nice visit.


And just the other night, Aunties Chrissy and Lindsey came over for a nice relaxing dinner. We put the boys to sleep and we had a ham dinner and relaxed. Chrissy and Linds also brought cookies for dessert which we tossed in the oven and they hit the spot. They paired it with a port/chocolate wine - which I skipped out on - but sounded like it was fantastic. Oh, and then we all dominated Mario Kart wii. Haha I may have been the only one who had fun.

Shout out to my friend Kristin for coming over yesterday and playing with the boys!! She also brought them two fun new bright trucks that they love (slash fought over lol). And she made an amazing spinach dip with sour cream, garlic, scallions, and different cheeses. She brought it with some bread from a bread bowl at Market Basket. I found that to be super clever! Anyway, thanks for a fun day. Can't wait to do it again soon. :)

All for now. Hope you're having a great weekend!

P.S. Here is a pregnant comparison pic - 12 weeks pregnant with A&B on the left, and currently 12 weeks pregnant with Baby C on the right.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas Recap!

This post is a bit more delayed than I would've liked, but I have been SUPER exhausted lately. My day goes something like this - wake around 6AM, get Conor and Caden and myself dressed and ready for the day, then all grab something to eat (extra important for Mama these days), get them in the car, they go to school and I go to work. I pick them up from daycare, prep them some dinner, feed them, feed myself, play a little bit, then it's time for baths and bedtime. Then I pick up their toys and tidy up. Needless to say, I have been going nonstop lately and during your first trimester, fatigue tends to be an issue. Therefore, I have been pretty much going to bed right after them lately because the day is crazy. During my first pregnancy, and thankfully because it was a twin pregnancy, I could lay down and rest anytime I wanted. I had a pretty relaxed schedule and I took full advantage.

Anyway, due to my being tired lately, I haven't been able to post about our amazing Christmas! It all went by so quickly, but it sure was fun...and happily, the boys remained healthy throughout the holidays. It was a Christmas miracle! :)

I'm not sure if you guys remember but it was 70 DEGREES on Christmas Eve. So this is what we did....we played outside and enjoyed some fresh air on the night before Santa came to our house.

I ended up taking a bit of a spill down my front (interior) stairs on my way to pick up the boys from school. I was nervous because of the pregnancy, but things appear to be OK. Once I rested up and felt a little better, my parents came over for our annual, low key Christmas Eve festivities. Usually my mom hosts, but I had my parents over my place for some presents and a roasted lamb dinner. I'll have to post about our veggie side dish another time, but boy was everything delicious. My mom got the boys some wellies!! Look how cute they are?! They love to stomp in puddles, so these will be perfect this winter.

The boys did a good job playing Santa and handing out presents. ;)

We woke Christmas morning and opened our presents! They didnt really understand the concept yet, but they sure enjoyed getting tons of new toys. The love their trucks, police cars, ambulances, and stack-able blocks.

We also got a Daniel Tiger book from my cousin Jen and they LOVE it! I read it at least twice every day. And we sing the songs like the show - they think it's great.

That's all for now. I will try and stay a bit more updated now that I am in my second trimester. Here's to having some more energy!!!


PS Check out their video that's now uploaded on YouTube!!! Hahahaha....