Monday, March 28, 2016

The Easter Bunny Came!!


The boys enjoyed their own little indoor Easter egg hunt indoors Sunday morning. They didn't get it at first, but once they realized there were eggs (filled with candy) "hidden" throughout the house, they were having a good time. They surprisingly didn't fight over many of them either. Overall, it was really cute and really fun.

They weren't into their wheelbarrows as much as I was hoping they would - but we can save them for the Cape this summer. I think it will be fun to use the shovels and fill them up with sand, or shells, or even some water from the ocean.

What they REALLY loved was the $2 "grass" that filled up their baskets. Of course it makes a massive mess and I was having an anxiety attack over it. But they were having fun. Look at them!

Then we Facetimed with my sister and Jim's mom...the boys love using the iPad.


We made it to Auntie Debbie's around 2ish...we didn't want to nap at all. I think we were having too much fun with all the candy and on a sugar high.


Eventually we made it outside for Easter egg hunt number two! The big kids had their own Easter egg hunt in the front yard, and the younger kids walked around the yard and picked up some eggs. It was adorable.

Then we heard a rumor that the Easter Bunny was at the neighbors house!! So we of course had to walk over to see!

Since we didn't nap ALL DAY and had quite the busy eventful afternoon, we passed out on the way 5PM. I thought we were going to be in for a tough bedtime, but they did just fine. Haha how funny do they look?

Oh and don't you worry - we found this crap again! Ahhhh haha panic attack.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! Have a great week!


PS Flashback pic to these little cuties. Holy moly how they've changed. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Prep! Art Projects, Baskets, Cupcakes, and Food

At daycare on Friday, the boys made these adorable Easter projects. She used a picture of them, a bunch of cotton balls, and turned them into Easter bunnies! How cute!! She does so many crafts with them, it's so fun to see the pictures while I'm at work.

Conor -

Caden -

Then we met the actual Easter Bunny at the Burlington Mall. Instead of sitting on his lap, he came over and greeted us and we gave him a few high fives. We were shy at first, but warmed up towards the end. :)

We went grocery shopping to pick up a few things for Easter on Sunday. I am in charge of some delmonico potatoes, green beans, and cupcakes. I also grabbed some things to make dinner last night - since it was Good Friday. I picked up some salmon and shrimp - and made dinner for me, Jim, Jordan, and Chelsea. I unfortunately didn't take any pics while making it - but I sauteed some EVOO, diced red onion, red bell pepper, orange bell pepper, scallions, and let it simmer for a while til everything softened. Then I added a diced cortland apple. While that cooked, I boiled some Israeli couscous and added that to the veggies. I added some more EVOO and let it sit while I cooked the salmon and shrimp. I just added simple salt and pepper and crushed red pepper as a "marinade" on those and let them cook in the pan (covered). I plated each dish and garnished with a sprig of basil and a squeeze of lemon. It was delicious and fresh.

The photo of my potatoes is NOT pretty lol. Mainly because I got real lazy halfway through peeling them and then threw them whole in a pot of water. They were real small potatoes, about the size of a half dollar - so my hand felt like it was going to fall off as I was peeling and dicing.


Potatoes, 8 or 9
1 pckg grated cheddar cheese1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp flour1/4 stick butter1 c. milk1 small onion
Breadcrumbs, optional

I (mostly) peeled the potatoes, boiled them in water with some onion and salt. Then I set them aside to cool. While those were cooking, I made the "sauce". I melted the butter and then added the flour to make a gooey sauce. I then slowly added the milk and the cheddar cheese. I let that simmer and melt together. I then poured the potatoes in a Pyrex baking dish (9 x 13) and poured the sauce over it. Then topped it with some breadcrumbs.

I popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

All done! See how ugly they are?? Hopefully they taste better than they look!

As for the cupcakes for tomorrow....I used a yellow cake mix and then poured it into a muffin dish. I then cut up 6 peanut butter eggs and placed the halves in the 12 muffin cups.

Here are the cupcakes and potatoes baking away!

Complete! (minus the frosting of course)

I frosted them, cut up some Dove dark chocolate pieces to make the "nests" and added some jelly beans as eggs! So these are my little egg nest cupcakes for all the kiddos tomorrow.

Instead of making Easter baskets for the boys, we got them these wheelbarrows and filled them up with goodies. They are going to LOVE the bubbles tomorrow. Thank goodness for a bright sunny day. I wish it was going to be a little warmer - but hey, can't complain.

Everyone have a "Hoppy" Easter!! 


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mama Mondays!

Mondays are my favorite. I know that may seem contradictory to the common person...but it's the one weekday where I am able to spend time with my boys. Granted, I don't have every Monday off (even though I would love that), but I have every other Monday off and for that, I am grateful. I love my day with them.

With that said, this Monday felt different. The reason for that is we have taken a little break from Early Intervention. While I am still an advocate for the program and think it works wonders for some families - I feel we have a lot going on, and I personally needed a little break. There have been some scheduling issues lately and lots of time spent (too much time spent) with visits from their SLP and others. Honestly, between you and I, I need a break.

I want my Mondays back. I want to be able to play games with them, go on walks with them, take a ride with them, run some errands -- and NOT feel so constricted with their schedule. I am already a stickler when it comes to their nap, so not being able to do anything in the morning was giving me some serious cabin fever. And also, it was getting to a point where their SLP would come at 8:45AM, and then shortly after that, we would have another visit from another specialist at 10AM. Their SLP mentioned that C and C play more with toys than people (to me - it's great and it means they are independent and have great attention spans). But she had someone else come by on Mondays at 10AM to work with the boys. Therefore, it was almost 3 consecutive hours of having visitors and specialists and quite frankly, I have had enough. I didn't agree with some of her opinions and I think it's best we all take some time apart for the time being.

Back to MY Mondays. :) Selfishly, I want my Mondays all to myself. The boys are growing like weeds and I want more time with them. Week nights and weekends aren't enough. So, this Monday, we had some quality Mama time and I loved it.

I took the boys to the petstore - might as well be the aquarium. They LOVE it there.

We went for a walk, on the first day of SPRING, and it was this cold...

We tried getting Mommy some new glasses. Mission: SUCCESSFUL! I will pick them up sometime this week. Dad did a good job keeping the boys busy while I tried some on and got measured. They also fixed my ray ban prescription sunnies! Super win win win win!

Each night when I go to bed (around 9ish), I check the boys to make sure they are good. They usually have blankets covering their faces, or they use their blankets as pillows...haha. Maybe I should get them a pillow? Fellow Mamas - when does a child start using a pillow?!

Anyway, Caden looked like this, which made me giggle.

And Conor looked like this...

But before all that, we played with some Easter eggs that we found in the kitchen cabinets. They were being tucked away until the Easter Bunny came on Sunday. It made for some fun playtime though. Me and Jim bought the boys some green toy wheel barrows for Easter -- and I'm planning to fill them with some Easter eggs, candy, and bubbles! I am excited for them to check them out. :)

All for now!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mama Solo Weekend!

Jim ventured down the Cape this weekend to do some work on our Cape house. We have a renter coming in Memorial Day weekend so we wanted to fix a few things, and buy some new storm doors. Our old ones were rusted out. He and his brother Joe went down to the Cape on Friday night, and will hopefully be back sometime before naptime today. Mama had a fun weekend with Conor and Caden -- and even had a nice visit with Aunties Chrissy and Lindsey yesterday! Chrissy had her bridal makeup trial, and we had some lunch/snacks. It was a fun afternoon.

But first, a quick recap of St. Patrick's Day on Thursday...

Friday night consisted of a visit to Daddy's work, a lot of hanging out, and enjoying some PIZZA! 

Saturday morning started off with blueberry pancakes! YUMMY!

And then Saturday, a fun afternoon with Aunties! Lindsey spent some time with Con...and Chrissy was sharing her soda water with Caden. :)

Then the makeup trial started! She looked SO pretty!! Ashley did a great job. Her website can be found here. She's a friend of my good friend Julie and is located in the Greater Boston area.

Then later on at night, we had baths (and brushed our teeth in the bath...), bedtime stories and bedtime! Look at Caden's arm around Conor in the bedtime story pic. SO sweet.

Here's a pic of them sleeping last night - compared to a pic when they were just about a month old. Caden is top left, bottom right. And Conor is top right, bottom left. :)

Happy SPRING!! And Happy Sunday everyone!