Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pregnancy Update! Week 32!!

I am now 32 weeks pregnant...which means we only have a couple months left! Here is a pregnancy comparison from 32 weeks with the twins (left) and 32 weeks with Baby C (right).

Pregnancy update:

I am feeling really good! I am getting pretty big, still working full time, and have two 2 year olds to chase after - so I feel fortunate to still be able to say "I feel good". This weekend was pretty hot, so that was a little uncomfortable. I basically sat outside, watched the boys play with the water table and pool, and drank as much water as humanly possible. We just turned on our central air too, so that will help in the final weeks.

I am craving a lot of sweets lately -- anything from fresh fruit to blended frozen fruit drinks to ice cream. I am a big fan of watermelon and berries these days, and I make a lot of frozen fruit blended beverages with fresh mint from my garden. Also, HOOD just had a sale on their ice cream so I bought three. YUM.

Weight GainedI weighed 142 before I got pregnant again (which is still about 5-10 higher than my normal weight). I went to the doctor last week and weighed 164 lbs. That means I've gained 22 lbs so far. To remind you, I am hoping not to gain more than 25 lbs this pregnancy. We shall see. All that ice cream won't help! 

Symptoms: I am physically tired and also get pretty uncomfortable in the late afternoons. And by the boys bedtime (7pm), I am ready to lay down. Belly tightness. Need to stay hydrated.

Contractions: None. Some Braxton-Hicks but nothing real.

Swelling: I have begun to have some swelling. Not too severe. It's more like tingling in the evening - it's not very comfortable. 

Blood Pressure: All very normal and very good! 

Baby Movement: I have been feeling movement since week 13. This baby is ACTIVE. Lots and lots of kicking and rolling around.

Food Cravings:  Fortunately this pregnancy I am craving healthier things (not just carbs) like cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, hummus, corn on the cob, and of course fruit. 

Food Aversions: Sadly, anything citrus.

Sleep: I have been waking up two to three times in the night, it's worsened since the second trimester. 

Stretch Marks: I have a few small stretch marks from before - but nothing crazy. Mostly on the center of my belly.  

Miss Anything? I still miss being able to sleep on my belly. And I am ready for some blended frozen margaritas and good wine from Napa!

Looking forward to: Meeting Baby C, and seeing Conor and Caden become big brothers!  

New Baby Items: We bought the crib and set it up about a month or so ago. We also bought a mattress for it. We have SO many things from when the boys were babies, so we're in good shape with mostly everything else. All that is left to buy is another baby monitor.

Exercise: I walk around the city a lot while I am working, and I move around a lot outside with Caden and Conor in the backyard. We still go on walks in the wagon which they LOVE. I don't do any prenatal yoga or classes. I need to start stretching more. That's been on my list for months now.

All for now! Til the next update...

Shaz and Baby C!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Boston, Baking, and my BOYS!

What I'm craving lately: Corn on the cob, watermelon, fruit salad, and ice cream! SWEETS!! 

I baked three pies this weekend. I got really into it. My neighbor gave us a ton of rhubarb from their garden - and I also wanted to make my cousin Doug a pumpkin pie (in May!) for his housewarming/BBQ party. It was actually quite delicious - especially since yesterday was so cool. It felt like a fall day!

This is how we finished off our HOT Saturday..

Sunday morning, we kicked off the day with swim lessons. About 60% of the class was missing - they must've gone away for the holiday - so the class size was awesome. We could really move around the pool easily. I loved it. I wish the class was that small every week!

After our swim lessons, we packed up some food and drinks, and headed into the city. I've been wanting to take the kids to the Boston Common and the Public Garden - mainly for my sake. They are too young for the park area and can't walk around much, but I wanted to take a little family trip into the city. We drove in and gave them lunch at Chrissy and Lindsey's place - since they're away in ptown. I made the boys peanut butter sandwiches, banana, fruit salad, and yogurt. I also made Jim and myself sandwiches and we were then out the door to explore!

We walked by the MA State House, and down into the Boston Common. The kids loved seeing the people and the vendors. So much to look at! I also kept quoting their "Goodnight Boston" book - we read it almost every night. There's a quote in the book that says "We'll climb Beacon Hill, with a skip and a hop! Discover the State House, there's gold on top!" So naturally, I said that as we were walking around. 

We saw sculptures and buildings and fountains and lots and lots of people! The boys did great. We brought the wagon so they could see and move a bit more freely than in the stroller. Here are some pics from us walking around. 

Here are the flags again! Conor and Caden kept saying "peeeeese" to "please" get out and walk around - to most likely pull out every single flag. We of course kept moving very swiftly.

We also ventured over to the Public Garden and watched the swan boats and duckies! This was our favorite part, "quack quack quack!" We almost waited in line to get on the swan boats but it looked a little long and honestly they were so happy where we were - so we enjoyed the relaxation

Dad and Conor:

Mom and Caden:

After that, we walked back to Chrissy and Lindsey's place, and headed up to the roof for the boys to ride their bikes around. I figured they were sick of sitting in the wagon and needed to MOVE. They loved it. Jim enjoyed a beer. And then we were off to my cousin Dougs BBQ around 3:30-4pm. 

The boys loved playing with their cousins. Thanks Doug for hosting a great BBQ! And congrats again on the house and graduating from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. So proud of you!


PS Flashback photo to almost two years ago when Chrissy and I brought them to watch the swan boats at 2 months old!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

8 Months Pregnant Today!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend (officially)!

I wore this outfit to work yesterday - I am 8 months pregnant today! HA. I didn't look like this with the twins. I feel like I can finally see a significant difference between a twin pregnancy and a singleton. I am feeling really good, especially in the mornings. But anytime after 2-3PM, forget it. I am very uncomfortable and tired. Maybe my next post will be a pregnancy update questionnaire.

I am out here on my deck with my cherubs and Jimbo. We came outside at about 7:30AM. It was 70+ degrees so how do you not go outside that early??  I love that we are home - I was able to vacuum my den and living room this morning, and also clean my kitchen floor - which was WAY overdue. Now we're having some coffee outside and watching these two have a blast with their water table birthday present.

I feel like I JUST wrote about how childhood needs to be simpler and slower - and that kids would rather play in a cardboard box at home and do nothing, rather than run around going to playdates and parties. And sure enough, this massive box came to the house and the boys are obsessed with it. This was last night. Nothing says summer nights much like diapers-only and cardboard boxes on the deck.


Mommy and daddy enjoyed some "mojitos" on the deck - Jim's is an actual mojito, mine is of course a mocktail. It was refreshing though! Mint from my garden!!

I made "Memorial Day" pancakes this morning....they have red in them!

Have a great day everyone!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Lessons

As you all know, this week has been GORGEOUS. That means, we have been spending a ton of time outside. The other night, I went to Horn Pond in Woburn with Shayla and Lauren. Shay is currently pregnant, about 6 weeks behind me and Lauren has two kiddos too! Her son Cal is a little older than the boys and her almost 2 month old daughter Aubrynn is adorable (and looks just like her daddy!). We had quite the crew and dominated the pond. Great night for it!

Since I had such a great time, I decided to go back the next night and bring Jimbo with me and the boys. They didn't even make it half way around and started throwing some serious fits. It was a bit chillier than the previous night and honestly, they didn't like being stuck in the stroller. Fine, I get it. So we took them out and they ran around a bit. They LOVED these American flags. I told them about the flags, the flowers, and that Memorial Day is coming up. Granted, they probably didn't understand any of it, but I felt it necessary to seize the teaching moment.

The boys loved the flags so much, so my mom and I stopped at Stop and Shop and grabbed these for the boys to hold. I am so grateful they didn't poke their eyes out with them - but seriously the happiness and giggles from the backseat were awesome. They absolutely loved having their own flag.

Then we took advantage of the 80+ degree day and played outside in the backyard. My Dad came over and he played with them a lot. They have so much fun with him.

On Thursday, Linds and I went for a walk during our lunch hour through the Boston Common.


They put out 37,000 flags to honor Massachusetts military heroes during Memorial Day. It was really surreal seeing all those flags in one spot. It reminded me a lot of Pepperdine - when they put out the Annual Waves of Flags around 9/11 to represent the lives lost that day.


The other day was Jim's first day at his new job, so I flew solo on baths and bedtime. While I did bedtime, I cooked some veggies and chicken on the grill.

When Jim came home, we had dinner outside and he told me all about his first day! Then I called my Dad to see if he could come over and be at the house while the boys were sleeping, so Jim and I could go get a celebratory ice cream. He of course did, and watched the Red Sox game. It was nice for Jim and I to be able to get out for an hour.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Please take some time to practice what the weekend is all about - not just indulge on beers and bbq.