Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Weekends - Keeping the Boys Busy!

Conor and Caden are on the go constantly, and it's hard to come up with ideas to keep them busy -- especially with a newborn...and especially when it's raining.

I often look up different activities either at the Woburn or Hyannis libraries, local farms/zoos in the area, or I even try and find new parks nearby. Recently, I have been using the facebook "events nearby" which shows various events in the area that may be child-friendly. One of my favorite local parks is Simonds Park in Burlington because they have the playground separated by different age groups. However, since it's raining today, it has been difficult to keep them entertained. We watched Frozen for the first time, and we actually enjoyed it quite a bit.


In the morning, I took Cal to Woburn Pediatrics (we are dealing with a gas/reflux issue currently - hoping it isn't a milk allergy like Caden). And Jim brought the boys to BJs to get diapers, toilet paper, and a few other things.

Here is how the rest of the day has gone...

We took some baths. The boys watched Cal.

We "fed" the baby...

We had some water... 


We played on the swings; and our new thing is grabbing the rings while swinging...

We had a little family photo shoot earlier in the day on Saturday. My sister and mom gave me this photo session for Mother's Day. So we coordinated outfits and had some fun with the pics in the backyard. I absolutely loved the boys outfits - white linen shorts and seersucker shorts. I bought them at Primark in Boston at a great price too. Thank you to my friend Kristin for Cal's "Little Bro Est. 2016" shirt. :)


Conor and Caden made "fireworks" at school on Friday. Their daycare teacher is so creative with the crafts they do each day. They love doing them. Caden lefty, Conor righty.

And then here's my sister, mom and cousin Jodie spending time with Cal. :)

All for now...more on the reflux/gas issue when I make some sense of it. There is a lot of tummy trouble and discomfort and I feel really bad for him. Once we narrow it down, I will give some feedback on where to begin if your child is experiencing these symptoms. Fingers crossed it isn't a lactose/milk thing (even though I have currently gone dairy free). I feel like since he still seems to be in pain, then it's reflux. We got a prescription for Zantac. Hoping that it helps! Stay tuned...


PS How fortunate am I to have such a cute and thoughtful husband to write me this note? :)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Days...Our Favorite!

We have spent a few afternoons at my Aunt Kiki and Uncle Marc's pool. They live down the street from us in Woburn, so we figured we would try swimming with Conor and Caden. We just finished swim lessons so it's perfect timing. Here is a fun little post of C and C swimming at "Kiki pool"!

Thank you to Kiki and Marc for letting us come over and use the pool. The kids LOVE it!

And Cal joining in on the fun!

We also love visitors and playing on our swingset. :)

Here is Suz with Cal. She brought over these adorable birth frames - Conor and Caden's a few years ago and a new one for Cal! Thanks, Suz!

All for now! :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Shaz Newborn Must Haves! Part 2

I don't know if many of you remember, but when the boys were about a month old, I published my new parent must-haves. They weren't specific to twins or anything, but I felt it necessary to update that post now that I am on baby #3. :)

  • I will start out with the obvious - diapers. As a new parent, I had no idea which was I asked around. People had many different preferences, but both Jim and I love "Pampers Swaddlers". We find the swaddlers fit best and have minimal leaks. We also like the "wet diaper indicator" line that turns from yellow to blue. So yup, PAMPERS. Big fan. Hospitals #1 choice, too. Here's Cal the night he was born...
  • Swaddleme Brand Swaddles. Hands down the best swaddles for nighttime. I have written about these about a hundred times. SO moving on...

  • Scent free dish soap. I like to clean each bottle by hand (I know, I am crazy) with this natural scent free dish soap. It allows me to soak, clean, rinse, and dry the bottles/nipples fast and they are ready for the next feeding in no time - much quicker than a dishwasher.
  • A baby swing. This is essential. It is a saving grace - not somewhere to have your baby all day long. It is nice ouse during the day, or while Jim and I are eating dinner. We also have the same brand name little bouncer seat which I bring outside on the deck sometimes. Here's Conor and Caden using the bouncer seat and swing.

  • Changing pad liners. These protect the changing pad and changing pad cover. We opted for these waterproof pads. They work great, and they are easier to wash than your changing pad (or cover). 
  • Electronic breast pump. When I first wrote about my new parent must haves, I was a pumping/nursing novice. I didn't know what I was doing so I didn't even blog about it. I lasted about 3 months with the boys. It was very hard with two. I had my Ameda pump (covered by insurance) and I rented a hospital grade pump. This time around, I have resumed nursing/pumping with Cal. I received a second free breast pump through my insurance, and also still have the one from when the boys were born. I highly recommend two stations - and two changing stations. That way, you don't need to move around a lot while you are recovering.
  • Muslin swaddle receiving blankets. The Aiden and Anais brand are wonderful. They are great on the go - they are versatile. They can be used to change a baby, swaddle a baby, protect from the sun, act as a nursing cover, or even be used as a burp cloth. Definitely register for several of these.

  • Baby Wrap. I have this grey belephant brand baby wrap and I love it. I had the baby bjorns with the twins - but I think those are better used for a baby who is a little older and has a bit more head control (personally speaking only). This baby wrap is great for newborns, as well as toddlers. There are different ways to tie it.  

I know this list is really similar to my "must haves" post from 2014 - but it really is like riding a bike. A lot of the same items came to mind, and some new ones like the baby wrap since I couldn't wear both babies last time. 

I also want to reiterate having a little "changing station" on each floor. I typically use an old pampers box and fill it with about 20 diapers, wipes, burp cloths, a changing pad liner to protect your couch, and a change of clothes or two. That way, I can stay on the same floor as the baby. It's really convenient.

All for now!