Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lots of Firsts for Baby Cal!

Baby Cal. What a good baby. I just love spending time with him. Here is a little solo photo shoot from our first few days at home together.

First bath at home!

First playtime with his brothers!

First baby wearing opportunity, even though I have three kids! (Hi Cay!)

First family outing as a family of 5!

Conor sleeping....

Caden sleeping...

Cal sleeping...haha peanut.

On a forward-thinking note, I am going to try and implement a schedule in a few weeks. Right now, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the sleepy newborn phase. Once he hits 4 weeks or so, I will try and wake him more during the day to feed and stay awake. 

Here's what that will hopefully look like....good thing is, 2 out of 3 kiddos are already on a great schedule. So I feel like bringing one up to speed won't be as difficult. :)

7AM   Feed Cal and give C and C breakfast.
7:45    Diaper changes for all boys, playing and talking, watch cues for Cal sleepiness.
8:15    Swaddle and lay Cal in crib for 1st morning nap.
10:00  Wake Cal and feed.
10:45  See above re diaper change, etc.
11:15  2nd morning nap.
11:30  Mom feeds C and C lunch.
1:00   Wake Cal and feed.
1:30   See above re diaper change, etc.
2:00   Afternoon nap/rest for everyone.
2:30   Mom prepares for dinner for C and C.
4:00   Feed Cal.
4:45   See above re diaper change, etc.
5:15   Cal catnap for 40-50 minutes before bath and bedtime, boys eat dinner.
6:00   1st cluster feed for nighttime - after waking Cal.
7:00   Bath, PJs, books, and bedtime routine with C, C, and C.
7:30   C and C in bed, Shaz and Jim eat dinner, Cal hanging out, then catnap.
8-9PM  Dream feed, back to bed, and hope for the best!

Here is a first bath combo pic of Con and Cay in DC.  In order left to right - Con, Cay, Cal! I think Caden and Cal look so much alike! That round mouth, and little tongue. Hehe.

And flashback to a pic of me and Jim in our biotech shop in high school in 2003. And then 6 years of marriage and 3 kids later in 2016. Wow, life is just crazy.

It's time to feed Cal. All for now..