Saturday, March 25, 2017

Conor, Caden, Cal, Callahans, and Carrot Cake!

Here's a little taste of our Saturday morning. We are prepping for Chrissy and Lindsey's going away party at 3pm today. I decided to make a carrot cake to bring over!

The boys played great - they even played a lot with Cal. They are starting to include him so much more. He loves scooting around in his walker while Conor and Caden ride their bikes. Sometimes they play with him in his walker which he loves. He feels SO cool. :)

Cal was the best little helper. ;)  I saw the recipe on facebook when one of my friends shared it. I thought - hey, I have all those ingredients...might as well give it a try! Link here - .

In addition to the usual flour, sugar, eggs, etc - it called for pineapple, coconut, carrots, and lots of nuts!

I placed it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.


I only made one layer, but made sure to load it up with homemade frosting! I used cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and a dash of milk! I whipped it together and let Conor and Caden lick the beaters.

Here's hoping it's delicious! Heading into Boston to see the Callahans in a few hours.

All for now!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Amoxicillin and Azithromycin - instead of Guinness and Jameson! ;)

Nothing like an ear infection, croup, and conjunctivitis to kick off St. Patrick's Day weekend, right?? Caden had been complaining about his eyes hurting for about a week or so (bad mom just let it go). I didn't notice anything physically wrong with his eyes, but he would continually say "eye hurt". It broke my heart because as we all know, they don't say all that much (even though that is changing FAST! I will write more about their speech progress because I failed to mention how well they are talking in full sentences).

Anyway, Caden was complaining about not feeling great - plus he was awake a little bit at night, not eating that much, and low grade fever for a few days. Since he didn't have any crazy physical ailments, I brought him to school on Friday. A little before noon, school called and said that his eyes were real bad. They were really gunky and oozy, and he needed to be picked up. I of course would never be able to pick up just one of them, so I brought the twins home and worked from home for the afternoon. He seemed himself for the most part - except a little bit lethargic (although neither of them napped, so that's nothing crazy). Then he started squinting and blinking way more frequently, so I decided I was going to bring him to the doctor. Plus, he looked like this -




I called Woburn Pediatrics twice - they kind of deterred me from bringing him in. "It doesn't sound like conjunctivitis, it sounds like a cold in his eye, so there's nothing we can do about that - drops won't help". Me: "Oh ok, but he seems maybe I should bring him in anyway?" This was about 2pm. They then said they were booked til after 5pm and hinted that they were real busy. I just said that didn't matter and book the first available. Thankfully, the first avail appt was with their actual PCP - in other words, someone who knows them both really well. I went there with just Caden; my Dad stayed home with Conor, while my mom and Grandma picked up Cal from his daycare (it takes a village folks!). Shortly after, my sister and Linds relieved my Dad and they were home with both Con and Cal. We arrived shortly after that with lots of meds for Caden's conjunctivitis, croup, and an ear infection. I immediately gave him a dose (and maybe a few cadbury mini eggs hehe) and we were on our way to recuperating!

We arrived home and Caden ran into the house yelling "Conor!". Conor ran down to the front door yelling "Caden!". They met each other at the landing and hugged. It was SO ADORABLE. They played for a bit and then early bedtime since everyone was under the weather.

We then had a few snakebates, guinesses, (guinnei?), and black and tans with Chrissy and Linds while we enjoyed some corned beef dinner and some banana bread after that. Random combo - but it was so nice staying in, enjoying their company before their big move, and relaxing. I sure am going to miss them.

We also had a photo shoot! Thanks to C + L for the family photos. 

 I tried making C and C kiss me on the cheek - Caden was blowing me a kiss (on the right). :)

Even with all those sicknesses, we made it to the Cape! Haha. We are nuts!

Check out Cal's shirt - it says "Irish Rugby - Caden Francis" from Jim's friend Chris. I absolutely love these onesies that he and his wife got the twins when they were born. Cal loves it too! haha #thirdchildproblems

As if that wasn't enough, Caden then had an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. Other than Caden having a milk allergy when he was younger, no one in our family has any allergies. Therefore, this is a very foreign topic for me. I didn't know what to look for - but as soon as I saw these red "welts" under his eye, I knew something was up. He had about 3 doses of amoxicillin at this point.

Then he started swelling on his cheek, behind his ear, and had some red spots on his torso. We went to urgent care in the Cape and they gave him benadryl. They also switched his meds. We're SO much better now. Thank goodness!

Flashback to St. Patrick's Day last year, 2016!

And from 2012 - Lá fhéile Pádraig Shona Dhaoibh! I hope you all enjoyed your St Patrick's Day weekend. 

All for now!

Shaz and Cx3

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Speech Progress and EI Update!

The boys will be 3 in two That means they age out of early intervention. When a child turns 3, they no longer qualify for (free) services through EI. That basically means it's on to the next round of evaluations and stages. We already began the process called "the transition out of EI" by having a few meetings with our speech language pathologist and a representative from Woburn Public Schools. We discussed the twins, their current situation, and the progress they each have made through their IFSPs. We talked about different options and the amount of services they receive each week (one day each of speech - one at school, and one at home - alternating). We talked about potential dates when the boys could come in and be evaluated for services and the consent forms were mailed to us. That's where we are at right now.

All of this reminded me of going to group classes at EI over the fall and winter months - when I was on maternity leave with Cal. It feels like a lifetime ago, but it was maybe two months ago. Crazy how quickly everything goes. When you're in it, it feels like forever.

The boys have become so much more interactive with Cal. When he was born, they pretty much ignored him. Now that he can sit up and wiggle around, they are ore interested in him. Also, he is now eating pouches and cheerios (like them!) so he's obviously much more interesting. HA!

Two gents - off to work! Hehe

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will keep you posted on the transition out of EI - and how smoothly the process goes. It should be pretty easy since they do this often! Stay warm out there.

All for now!