Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My Kid is a Natural...

Lately, Conor and Caden have been SO into pictures - whether it's admiring their baby pictures and asking who is who; or wanting to immediately see pics after I take them to now wanting to take pictures themselves. I gave them an older Canon camera that we used to have in maybe, college....or just after. Remember that? Remember bringing cameras out to a bar or to a concert? 

Well the boys love using it - and some of them are actually pretty good!! Check it out!

I love this silhouette of Cal at Dunkin Donuts in Charlestown.

And this picture of Conor taking a picture of Caden (with the Pats iced coffees) is really cool too.

Then comes my favorite - a little back story. The boys have been watching a show on Netflix called Veggie Tales. It is about a bunch of vegetables that have different personalities. In the show, there is a tomato. So you can hopefully see where I am going with this...

They started a photo shoot with this tiny grape tomato that they named "baby tomato". It is unreal that they did this so well - they even gave the "baby" different backdrops like a newborn baby. They did this without any direction or information from me - this is 100% on their own. I love it. (And yes Anne, that is the blanket you made for Conor and Caden!! And Mackey - your blanket, too!)

After I got sick of tomato photos, I told him to take pics of other people and other things - this is what he came up with, I am going to call it "a day in the life of Caden Francis":

Here, we were Facetiming with Lindsey and Chrissy - and Caden wanted to take a picture of them lol.

Then we quickly moved on to pumpkins and all things fall!

I asked him again if he could take some pictures of people - so Caden took this picture of Daddy.

Then Caden took a quick turn in front of the camera. ;) 

Caden quickly traded back and took a few pics of me and Jim.

They are obsessed with these balls they got at Kendra's first birthday party - thanks, Lis!! (where did you get them!?)

A beautiful candid of me and Cal pal lol.

Oh the lovely tomato made it back in...


And here's a hockey update!!  They are getting so much better! Uncle Joe even made it for a practice. Thanks, Joe!

All for now!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Keryn's Wedding Weekend!

Keryn, one of my best friends from high school got married this weekend. 

It was a beautiful day, on the water up in Rockport, with amazing friends and family. Although we don't see each other every day, or even every month, we tend to pick right up where we left off. I absolutely love Keryn's spontaneity, fun and carefree personality, and especially her dedication and generosity for her friends and family. And it was evident that for those who spoke at the wedding, they agree. Everyone talked about how Keryn is continuously there for everyone - her parents, her siblings, her cousins, and her friends. There is no doubt that she will continue doing so for her husband, Josh. There is literally no one else like her - I am so glad I was a part of her and Josh's special day! Love you guys!!

They rented an adorable house up in Rockport on the beach. The view was stunning. We got our hair and makeup done at the house and it was so much fun. Every member of the bridal party was from a different era in Keryn's life - except for her sisters and cousins of course. She has friends from when she was a toddler all the way to present day. I loved every single on of them. From the engagement through to the bachelorette and the shower and ultimately the wedding, I honestly loved spending time with the whole group.

Auntie Theresa giving Keryn a special little wedding day surprise.

Friends :)

My contouring lol

Bride and Flower Girl :)

Sloane, Keryn's niece - she was seriously the life of the party.

 Ker's sister Courtney

Ker's other sister Jac

 Ker's cousin Meghan

And zoom...ha

Mother and Father of the Bride!

Grand entrance - she looked INCREDIBLE!!

Sibling shot on the beach.

Keryn's brother Jonathan officiating the ceremony - with his two little boys. Hehe.

Here is Marissa and I being introduced at the reception.  I don't have many others from the rest of the night so we are just going to have to wait until the professional wedding pics come back!! Can't wait!

Congratulations Keryn and Josh!! Jimbo and I love you both! Have fun in Tahiti! #justaddbasl