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About Me:

For those who know me, you most likely aren't shocked by my blogging endeavor. My Grampa Callahan nicknamed me "blabber mouth" or "blabber" when I was about 4...so you can imagine I have a lot to say. In fact, here's a photo of him, my sister and I back in the early 90s. Yup I am totally sporting a Budweiser hat at age 7.

So I guess I should write some facts about me, so we can get to know each other. Before I do, I should explain my blog title. My name is Sharon -- but everyone calls me Shaz, literally everyone. I am originally from a suburb in Massachusetts about 10 min north of Boston and also as of recently, have a small cottage on Cape Cod.

I now live in Marina del Rey, and have for about 4 years -- huge shout to #snl and #thecalifornians for making this place famous (http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/the-californians/n13474/ starting at about 2:40). In case you aren't following, I love the ocean and try to spend as much time near it as possible...hence "Shaz by the Sea". Oh, and if you are from MA and frequent "The Cape" there is an awesome restaurant in Dennis, MA called "Ginas by the Sea" -- YUM.

I suppose I can now write out those fun facts...and since I like the number 5, here are 5 facts about Shaz with corresponding photos so I can emphasize just how cool I am:

1. Family/Background: Like I said, I was born and raised in MA with one sister (Chrissy - whom will probably receive at least one shout out in each post) and both parents, Barbie and Frank. Here we are in Boston on my wedding day, 7/10/10.

2. Relationship Status: I married my high-school sweetheart, Jimbo. Well, not "technically" my high school sweetheart since we started dating junior year instead of freshman year...but you get the idea. Here we are at our junior prom:

And again down the Cape about 10 years later:

And now married for 5 years with 2 kids (when the boys turned 1):

3. Music: I am a huge country music fan. I absolutely love going to concerts and jamming out. Here I am at the Jason Aldean concert at FENWAY PARK with my fav sis, Chrissy. Literally one of the best days of my life. I couldn't be more excited to be standing just a few feet away from the pitcher's mound.

4. Hobbies: I freaken LOVE to cook. I love everything about cooking -- from grocery shopping (I know, woah) to prepping food, to cooking and of course ::drum roll:: the consumption. I love it. I also love pairing meals with different wines, planning dinner parties, etc. And yup, I started drinking Shiraz because it looked and sounded like Shaz. Cool.

*Disclaimer: This blog will consist a ton of wine (tastings/pairings/photos/discussion), as well as cooking because those are some of my favorite things to do. See below? Loving life.

5. Randoms: Since I only have one fact left, I am going to keep it general. This way, I can touch upon these in future posts, because I know you are dying to learn more about me. Let's just say that in addition to cooking and wine, I love to travel, I love my doggie Zeta, I like sports (both watching and playing them), I love sunsets/beach/oceans, my family and friends and lastly, I enjoy doing some minimally creative things.

Here's Peanut on the left (my family dog who passed away on 9/13/15) and Zeta, my doggie who I rescued in LA. They were besties with a love/hate relationship:

Thanks for reading!


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  1. love this blog site so much that you've inspired me to start a BLOG!! I am clueless, so will you be my mentor?

    Thanks, Long Lost Blogger Girl...Aka. Kiley :)