Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas

Florida - December 2018

Cal - Halloween 2018 with Auntie Chrissy

Cal Thomas - Almost 2!

Cal at School - June 2018

1.5 years old

Older Pics

* I also have a page dedicated to my twin pregnancy with the boys. You can find belly pics and updated monthly pics of them here. I was originally slacking with the bump photos early on in this pregnancy, but here are a few that are a bit more current.

38 Weeks (night before delivery!)

37 Weeks

31 Week (belly comparison)

26 Weeks 

24 Weeks

20 Week Ultrasound (anatomy scan)

19 Weeks

18 Weeks

17 Weeks 

16 Weeks with A and B left -
15 Weeks with Baby C right

12 Weeks

11 Weeks

Here was our pregnancy reveal back around New Year's Eve. Conor is wearing his "Baby A" sign, Caden is wearing "Baby B" sign, and I am wearing Baby C! I'm not sure if many people understood it - but when I was pregnant with the boys, the doctors had to name each of the babies "Baby A" or "Baby B" so we could monitor and keep track of their heart rates and growth. So for 9 months, they were known to me as Baby A and Baby B. And funny, when they were born, Jim started calling them Conor and Caden and I remember it being so so so strange. Haha because they were A and B to me!

10 Weeks

Stay tuned!


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